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More than a billion viewers in 187 countries across the globe


felt the power and energy of Ricky Martin's electrifying


performance of "The Cup Of Life" at the 1999 Grammy


Awards ceremony; "La Copa de la Vida," the official song of


the World Cup France '98, has been a #1 single in more than


30 countries. That same night, Ricky's latest full-length Latin


recording, Vuelve, won the Grammy for Best Latin Pop


Performance. With his magical career-defining performance,


Ricky Martin -- an international superstar who has sold more


than 15 million records worldwide and packs stadiums from


Buenos Aires to Beijing to New Delhi and beyond-- was


suddenly a recognizable name and presence in more than 24


million U.S. households. Ricky Martin, his first English


language album, is the next step in the evolution of this


remarkable talent.


"It's all about communicating," Ricky says by way of


explaining his decision to record in English. "I will never stop


singing in Spanish -- that's who I am -- but this was always part


of the plan." A labor of love and passion, Ricky Martin has


been two years in the making. "I was not going to release this


album until I was completely content with what I'd be


presenting," admits Ricky, the consummate professional and


painstaking artist. "I want to listen to my music in 30 years and


say, 'Great album!' The time for this album is now, not


because I'm ready now and I wasn't before, but because now


the music is ready."


The first track off Ricky Martin is "Livin' La Vida Loca," a


sensuous celebration of life driven by a loaded rock bass line,


sexy-smart lyrics, raw vocals and pulsating rhythms.


According to Ricky, "that's the single because I want to say,


'Hey! Boom! I'm here! Check this out!' The song has a little bit


of Latin, a little bit of ska, a little bit of rock, there's even a


little bit of the '60s, sort of a James Bond sound."


Like the single, Ricky Martin explores an eclectic musical


range. "Yes, I come from Puerto Rico," he says, "I grew up


listening to Boston, Cheap Trick, Journey, David Bowie. When


I was a kid, my brothers and I were all into rock, rock, rock."


Ultimately, however, Ricky got a lesson in Latin music he


couldn't ignore. "One day our mother got tired of rock," he


recalls with a smile. "She said, 'I can't stand it anymore!' and


grabbed us by the ears and took us to a Celia Cruz concert. It


really affected me."


Today, Ricky says, "I listen to everything. I'm like a sponge.


I'm in this creative moment that feels like, 'Let's get it out!'" On


one end of the spectrum, Ricky delivers the stripped-down, yet


impassioned, sitar-laced "She's All I Ever Had," while on the


other there's "Shake Your Bon-Bon," a tantalizing Latinized


funk-rock-confection with hyper-horns, sly female background

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