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НазваAgreement (бланк)
РозділМіжнародні відносини, ЗЕД, міжнародна економіка
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Kiev "__"_________199


______________________, hereinafter called "the Principal",


on the one part, and ______________________________, hereinafter


called "the Agent", on the other, have herein agreed as follows:




The Principal grants the Agent an exclusive right to sell,


on the territory _________ hereinafter called "the agreed


territory", the following equipmenf and mashinery bought from the


principal, hereinafter called "the equipment":______________


Any sale by the Agent of the equipment on any territory


other than the agreed territory may take place only with the


written consent of the Principal.


The Principal will have the right to sell the equipment on


the agreed territory directly to the third parties, if:


1. The transaction is concluded on the basis o( an offer


made by the Principal prior to the conclusion of this Agreement;


2. The Agent has refused to buy the equipment offered by the




3. The equipment is part of a barter transaction;


4. The equipment is a component part of equipment supplied


by the Principal to another customer;


5. This Agreement has terminated under Articles VI and IX;


6. The equipment is supplied to governmental bodies or


organizations situated on the agreed territory.


Such sales will not constitute an infringement of the terms


and conditions of this Agreement, and the Agent will have no


right to commission.


Exept for the cases mentioned above, when the Principal


sells the equipment on the agreed territory directly to the third


parties the Agent will have the right to receive commission the


amount of which will be fixed in each case by special


arrangements between the Principal and the Agent depending on the


volume of the sale.




In pursuance of this Agreement the parties will conclude


contracts between themselves for the delivery of the equipment


and spare parts.




The equipment bought from the Principal will be sold by the


Agent to third parties in this own name, but factory marks and


signs on the equipment must be left intact.




Prices to be paid by the Agent for the equipment bought from


the Principal will be fixed in contracts concluded between the


parties under Article II of this Agreement.


The difference between the price, at which the Agent buys


the equipmenf from the Principal, and the price, at which he


sells the equipment, will constitute the Agent's commission and


will cover all overhead expenses connected with advertising and


selling the equipment.


The Agent undertakes to sell the equipment, bought from the


Principal, at prices not detrimental to the sales of the


equipment due to the prices being too high.

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