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ФорматWord Doc
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CONTRACT N ______For Crude Oil in bulk, f.o.b.terms


Kiev Date ___________


This contracts is made between hereinafter designated as


Sellers and hereinafter designated as Buyers, whereby it is agree


as follows:


1. Object of Contract


Sellers have sold and Buyers have bought f.o.b.


2. Quality


The goods sold under the present contract shall be of the


following specifications:


3. Price


The price for the Crude Oil sold under the present contract


on terms f.o.b. is fixed at US $ per barrel for gravity F.P.I.


The price is considered fixed on and in future will be changed on


the date of shipment in conformity with the absolute change of


the price per barrel (or Arabian and Iraq Crude Oil with gravity


of 36,0 -- 36,9 A.P.I. (US $ on) f.o.b. Sidon or Tripoli,


Lebanon, respectively, published in Platt's Oilgram under heading


оMiddle East Crude Prices (average of prices of three companies


-- "Esso", оShell and оMobile Overseas ), provided, however, that


the increase or decrease of the quotation is within the limits


of-of the basic at US $. Should the quotation for Arabian and


Iraq Crude Oil f.o.b. Tripoli, Lebanon, be unequal, an average of


these two quotations shall be accepted. If the above mentioned


quotations are higher or lower than the above limits, the basic


price fixed under the present contract is to be reconsidered at


the request of any of the parties. Should the gravity of the


Crude Oil shipped under the Present contract be higher or lower


than the range of A.P.I., the contract price of the Crude Oil per


barrel of US $ will be increased for each full degree A.P.I.


above maximum range by 2 cents per barrel and on the basis of


thus determined price per barrel of supplied Crude Oil the price


metric ton is established in conformity with the number of


barrels per metric ton corresponding to the actual specific


gravity of the Crude Oil supplied.


4. Time of Delivery


The goods sold under the present contract are to be


delivered by Sellers and accepted by Buyers


The date of the Bill of Lading to be considered as the date


of delivery.


5. Payment


Payment for the goods sold under the present contract is to


be effected out of an irrevocable confirmed Letter of Credit to


be opened by Buyer in with the or with in favour of Sellers for


the value of each lot of the goods to be shipped plus 10%;


validity of the Letter of Credit - 45 days.


The Letter of Credit to be opened not later than 15 days


before tanker's arrival at the port of loading. Expenses in


connection with the opening, amendment and utilization of the


Letter of Credit to be paid by Buyers.


Should Buyers fail to open the Letter of Credit in time they


are to pay Sellers a fine for each day of the delay, but not

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