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НазваA Roman Villa (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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A Roman Villa.

Forty-three years after the birth of Christ the finest soldiers the
world had known came against the ancient Britons and conquered their
land. These soldiers were called Romans, after their chief city Rome in
Italy. They ruled Britain for nearly four hundred years & have left many
traces behind them. While in Britain, one can still see the remains of
their splendid roads, the ruins of the forts they built and parts of the
great walls they erected to defend their towns. In the southern parts of
the country homes called villas have been found.

 	Villas are not great castles with thick walls & towers built as a
protection against enemies, but simple dwelling - houses unfitted for
defense. That shows how peaceful the country was when first these villas
were built under Roman rule. 

	On the heights of Greenwich Park overlooking the Thames there is a
piece of pavement about two feet square. It was once part of the floor
of one of these country houses. It is made of small pieces of red tile,
each about a square in size, set in a bed of cement. No one can tell
what part of the is belonged to; perhaps, it was a bit of the floor of a
room, or a passage or even of a stable.

	What did the Roman villa look like from the outside? We can scarcely
tell. Perhaps, it was a long whitewashed building with a corridor
running its whole length. Or, perhaps, it stood round two sides of a
square or round three, and had the corridor on its inner side. Some
people think that only the lower walls of villas were built of stone,
while the upper walls were made of rough plaster held together with a
framework of wood. The roof was made of red tiles or slabs of gray
stone. The floors of the lower rooms were raised a little on pillars, so
that hot air from a furnace might circulate underneath. And their were
special pipes in the walls, so that the hot air might rise through the
walls, so that the hot air might rise through the walls and warm them.
The Romans brought this way of warming houses from their old homes in
Italy, & they found it very useful in the cold climate of Britain. The
rooms on the ground floor were paved with small pieces of tile laid very
closely together in cement. By using pieces of different colors,
pictures were made on the floors of the living rooms. Some of these have
been dug up today & can be seen in museums. They are called mosaics. The
walls of the rooms were decorated with painted pictures. Somewhere in
the villa the was a bath, for the Romans were very careful to keep
themselves clean. And certainly, too, there would be statues, either
roughly made in Britain useful  or brought by merchants from Italy,
where the best sculptors were. Then the owner bought these statues to
decorate his villa. And beautiful dishes of red pottery would be seen
everywhere in the house. Some of them would be used for decoration, &
some for eating from or for holding things. And in the grounds near the
house there would be an orchard, for the Romans loved orchards. Their
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