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НазваA Tribut to Kurt Cobain
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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A Tribut to Kurt Cobain

It is three years ago, since the „Godfather of Grunge“ killed himself in
his luxury house in Seattle. At that time his suicide dropped many Kids
into deepest sadness. But who was Kurt Cobain, the man,who couldn’t just
enrich a generation with his music, but them, with his „Fuck on the
world“- attitude,in there whole existence and thinking changed?

Kurt Cobain was born on the 20th of February 1967 in Aberdeen, a little
logger town in Washington state. Already when he was a little boy, Kurt
was brought into medical treatment because of his hyperactivety. Already
as a child he was pained by a chronical bronchitis. He also had a spinal
curvature, with wich he had problems untill his untimely death. In spite
of these pains, Kurt was a happy child, something he always tried to
emphasize in the interwievs.An essential point in his life was the
divorcing of his parents in 1975. Kurt was interested in music pretty
early.So for example he listened to groups like The Beatles and later
also to Kiss, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. When he was 12
years old, his oncle gave him a guitar. So he started to play the guitar
and very soon he wrote his first songs. When he was composing he feltas
if doing a job. It was probably the only job he has ever liked in his

Kurt spent the next summer with prowling and bespattering of houses and
cars of the bigwigs. That’s how he met Krist, the son of Yugoslavien
immigrants. Like Kurt, Krist also came from a disordered family. They
also both grew up in Aberdeen and didn’t like the area pretty much.
Krist was bassist, and because of that Krist and Kurt founded a band for
a short time. They started to play in Krist mother’s house. But oneday
they lost their enthusiasm for playing music, and sepparated themselves.
One year later they got together again. This time with the drummer Bob
McFadden. They played a couple gigs in and around Aberdeen. The success
wasn’t good at all and so they sepparated from Bob McFadden and got a
new drummer with Aaron Burckhard. But he also had to go after a short
time, because the differences in the mucicial scope were too big.
Finally they found a drummer with Chad Channing, who could satisfy their
high expectention. Still during the same summer they recorded their
first single Love Buzz, and at Christmas in the same year their
debut-album Bleach. The costs for the recording were only 607 dollars.
The disc was published in the summer ‘89 in England and later in the
year also in the States. At the time they were already kind of famous
and so the album was pretty well sold, and soon they went on an
underground-tour with a low payment.

They gave their concerts in a kind of monotony. They filled themselves
up with alcohol and smoked pot. Most of the time when Krist wasn’t on
stage he was occupied with taking something to get high. But when their
tour was over, Kurt and Krist realised, that Chad Channing was also not
the right one for there plans and so they left their third drummer. But
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