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Arthur Conan Doyle


Arthur Conan Doyle was born in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. His

father, Charles E. Doyle, was an artist and architect by profession, but

he worked as a clerk in an office. The father died young and the Doyles

were very poor.


Arthurs mother was a very good story-teller and he remembered her

fantastic stories all his life. The talent of story-telling was

inherited by Arthur from his mother and it helped him as a writer.During

his school years he read much, and he often told his school friends long

and interesting stories, getting cakes and sweets for that.


After leaving school Conan Doyle became a student of the medical faculty

at the university of Edinburgh. In this third year of studies he went as

a ship doctor to the Arctic and upon graduating from the university, he

again went in a ship to western Africa.


He began his medical practice in a small English town Southsea, where he

spent eight years. In 1887, he published his first detective story A

study in Scarlet. Its main characters were Sherlock Holmes and Dr.

Watson, and they became the most popular characters of a great many of

Conan Doyles stories.


A scandal in Bohemia opened a collection of detective stories under

the title The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The story was published

in 1891 and soon after that Baker Street became the well-known address

of Sherlock Holmes.


The readers asked for more and more stories about Sherlock Holmes and

for two years Conan Doyle wrote them. When he had written about twenty

stories with Sherlock Holmes as the main detective, he was so tired of

these stories that he decided to kill Sherlock Holmes. He wrote a

story, which he named Holmess last case (1893). In this story Holmes

was killd during his struggle with Professor Moriarty. The writer hoped

that after that he could begin writing other books.


But the readers did not wish to lose their favourite character and ten

years later the famous detective appeared again. In 1901 1902 one of

Conan Doyles best stories The hound of the Baskervilles was



In 1891 Conan Doyle gave up his medical work and devoted all his time to

his literaty activity. He also travelled much. He visited Europe, the

USA and Egypt. In Norway he met Jerome K. Jerome, who wrote about that

fact in one of his books.


Beside detective stories, Conan Doyle also wrote historic novels, war

books and an anticolonial book about the Belgian Congo. His two

fantastic stories The lost world (1912) and The Poisoned Belt (1913)

were quite successful.


All his life Conan Doyle liked sports, he skied played golf and went in

for boxing.


He died in 1930, After his death, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes,

together with his friend Dr. Watson, continued to live on the pages of

Conan Doyles books. They are amound the favourite characters of English



Tourists coming to London always go to visit Bakers street to see the

house where Sherlock Holmes lived.