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НазваBooks in our life (тема)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Books in our life


Despite the increase in TV watching and the developing of World Wide



reading is still very important. So I don't think books need to be

rescued. Reading both entertains and educates people. Books help us to

discover new things and explore new ideas.


A book is one of the greatest wonders in the world. It gives a unique

chance to link up with authors who lived hundreds and thousands years

ago. Thanks to books we can talk to people who lived in different ages

and countries. Through reading books we hear their voices, thoughts and

feelings. Books can tell us a lot about arts and fashion. From them we

can learn about the rest of the world. The book is the surest way to

bring nations together. It gives us an insight not only into the past,

but also into the future.


The book is a faithful and undemanding friend: it can be put aside and

taken up


again at any moment. Reading is the perfect way to relax and spend your

free time. Books portray life in its richness, so they develop reader's

imagination and arouse curiosity, admiration. Sometimes they even can

help to solve difficult problems of life.


I become very keen on literature early in life. This probably happened

because we had a very good and widely read library in home. Books

stirred my imagination, expanded the boundaries of the familiar world

and filled my life with great expectations of joy and happiness. Since

childhood I have been enchanted by A. Volkov and his "Magician of the

Emerald City" and its sequels. I also was delighted with Pushkin's

fairytales. Later my heart was won by Chehov, Russian writer, and J.

Ronie, French author who wrote a lot of adventure novels about ancient

times. Luckily this world is rich in remarkable authors.


I'm fond of reading and I've read a lot of books of different genres.

And certainly I have my favorite book. It is the story by Agatha

Christie – "The murder of Roger Ackroyd". Agatha Christie was born in

1890. She is the famous English detective writer, and almost everyone

knows her as creator of Miss Marple and Hercules Poirot.This book was

written in 1926. Some critics say that Agatha Christie introduced a

novelty in this work, because the murder is a storyteller. In the "The

murder of Roger Ackroyd" the main characters and environment are typical

for 1920th in England. The action takes place in a country house. The

authors shows us it's owner with his habits, relatives and neighbors.

All this is presented vividly and brightly. One of the main heroes of

the book Hercules Poirot gets over a lot of problems before catching a



Excitement, suspense, horror, revenge, and extraordinary talent,



calmness of Hercules Poirot fill this book. "The murder of Roger

Ackroyd" has made a great impression on me. And nowadays it makes really

unforgettable impressive reading.