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НазваЗавдання з англійської мови (на самостійне опрацювання)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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1. Прочитати і перекласти. 

Born in Paris, the son of a British embassy official, he studied
medicine at the request of his family bot he never practiced after
completing his internship.

The most peculiar thing about S. Maugham’s works is that the reader can
never guess the end of them. That is why they are always read with great
interest. Most of S. Maugham’s stories show his good knowledge of
ordinary people and his warm sympathy for them.

2. Підготовка до сприймання тексту.

Передтекстові завдання.

а) Значення та вживання маловідомих слів та виразів;

barrister – advocate [], solicitor

councel []- Vocar, man of God, padre

make-belive – lie, pretence, untruth

stiffle – airless, very hot, choke, prevent from breathing

luxury [] – wealth, rechness…

reproach – criticizm, blame, condemn, find fault with, express one’s

interfere [] – stick one’s nose in…

see to smith – look after, take care of, be responsible for

T: Explain in your own way how you understand the following phrases from
the text:

- If I believed in God I’d be a priest

- I naturally expected they’d see to all that at school

- as if he had to make an effort over himself to continue

- I felt a little hero

- When I saw it was all pretence it ruined something in me

- You don’t know the difference between truth and make-believe

- he was expressing something that had burdened him for years

b) Аналіз, пояснення та переклад складних граматичних явищ;

T: Analyze and translate some grammatical phenomenon.

- If I believed in God, I’d be a priest.

- You make me feel as if I hadn’t done my duty for you.

- I naturally expected they’d see to all that at school.

- I felt I’d never do any thing bad again.

- I made up my mind I wouldn’t ever be made a fool of again.

Навчання діалогічного мовлення на основі діалога-зразка. Удосконалення
фонетичних навичок та навичок синхронного перекладу.

Драматизація розмови між Джулією і сином.

4. Розвиток монологічного мовлення у зв’язку з прочитаним.

а) Перевірка розуміння змісту за допомогою питань.

T: Give laconic answers to the following questions:

- Did Julie know the inner world of her son?

- Why did she want to work him at law?

- What was her attitude towards her son?

- What was the crucial moment in Roger’s life?

- Why did he want to become a priest?

б) Навчальна бесіда в режимі “Teacher-Class”

T: share your thoughts and views on the following:

- Are such families an exception? Don’t you think that many families
live in the atmosphere of make-believe?

- Why is the atmosphere of make-believe stifling?

- Julia said: “You make me feel as if I hadn’t done my duty to you.” Why
do you think the duty of a mother is towards her children. Did Julia do
her duty to Roger?

- Roger told his mother that he wanted reality. It is easy to

в) Висловлювання студентів з використанням логічно-структурної схеми.

T: Say everything you can about Julie. What impressed you in her? What
kind of person is she? Use the following scheme when speaking of Julie.
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