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НазваРозвиток рекламного бізнесу в сучасній Англії (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Реферат на тему:

“Розвиток рекламного бізнесу 

в сучасній Англії”

(англійський текст з перекладом)


My research is dedicated to the development of advertising in Great
Britain. I ain absolutely convinced that this topic is actual nowadays
and needs detailed researches and, of course, improvements. Although
modem trade is impossible without advertising, a lot of people complain
that it is unnecessary, even a waste ot money, and that prices could be
cut if there was no advertising. This will be discussed in my further
work but at this early point it is useful to remind that the historical
and economic process is now taking place in the industrialising
countries of the 'South'. The extent of advertising marks the
development and prosperity of a country. At the same time advertising is
one of the most important sources of trade. Witliout it, producers
wouldn't be able to present their goods to a customer, and it would
minimalise the amount of sold production. Here one can see a contlict
between two general opinions. That's why I was encouraged to research
this topic and my main aim is to show the 'evolution' ol advertising
business in England, to try to detach its advantages and disadvantages,
its prospects in order to prove the importance of this type of business.
Some people tend to think tliat advertising is a result of disorganised
modem trade system. But it is not so. Advertising is as old as
civilisation and has long been used as the means of communicating the
need to buy or sell goods, even for the sale of slaves in ancient times.
In its style, it represents the society of the time. Advertising tends
to represent the economic progress of societies, and in this respect it
ranges Irom the sophistication of the industrialised world to the new
life-styles of developing nations. A nation's prosperity is reflected in
the extent to which advertising is used. Advertising belongs to the
modem industrial world and to those countries, which are developing, and
becoming industrialised. In the past when a shopkeeper or stallholder
had only to show and shout Ms goods to passers-by, advertising as we
know it today hardly existed. Pearly forms of advertising were signs
such as the inn sign, the redand-white striped barber's pole, the
apothecary's jar of coloured liquid and the wheelwright's wheel, some of
which have survived until today. The Institute of Practitioners in
Advertising definition says: 'advertising presents the most persuasive
possible selling message to the right prospects tor the product or
scrvice at the lowest possible cost'. Here we have a combination of
creativity, marketing research and economic media buying. Advertising
may cost a lot ot money but that cost is justified if it works
effectively and economically. A good advertising campaign is one which
is planned and conducted so that it achieves tlie desired results within
an acceptable budget. Many advertising campaigns cost millions of
pounds, but that is relative to the size of the market and the volume of
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