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НазваEssay: years of un peacekeeping efforts (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Origin of the UNO	

The way UN works	

Main bodies

Security Council activity

UN activity	

UN peacekeeping missions

UN and human rights

UN humanitarian assistance to developing countries


UN activity in the sphere of disarmament

The problem of Iraqi military arsenal

5.2.1 Iraq/Kuwait conflict

5.2.2. UNIKOM Establishment

5.2.3. Blitzkrieg





Most people are familiar with the work of the United Nations in
peacekeeping or in delivering humanitarian assistance to a far-off
country. But the many ways in which the UN has a direct impact on all
our lives, everywhere in the world, is not always so well-known. 

Now that world mass media reflect the news about the UNO in detail, it
is very challenging to know different points of view, and I took an
interest in this problem. I heard about UN activity but didn’t reach the
main point, like the majority of my coevals, who are familiar with the
events that concern the UNO but don’t fully understand the essence of
them. UN activity in preserving peace has attracted me most of all. The
arms race, disputes between nations, wars, military conflicts have
turned into the real danger to the mankind. I think that people must
stop killing each other and end this violence. I’ve chosen the UN
peacekeeping missions and especially in Iraq as a specific example of
UN’s work. It is very urgent nowadays.


Day in, day out, the UN and its family of organizations work together
and individually to protect human rights; promote the protection of the
environment; help the advancement of women and the rights of children;
fight epidemics, famine, poverty. Throughout the world, the UN and its
agencies assist refugees and help improve telecommunication; deliver
food aid and protect consumers; combat disease and help expand food
production; make loans to developing countries and help stabilize
financial markets. UN agencies define the standards for safe and
efficient transport by air and sea, work to ensure respect for
intellectual property rights and coordinate allocation of radio
frequencies. The UN's work has a long-term impact on the quality of our

The name "United Nations" was devised by United States President
Franklin D. Roosevelt and was first used in the "Declaration by United
Nations" of January 1, 1942, during the Second World War, when
representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments to continue
fighting together against the Axis Powers.

The United Nations Charter was drawn up by the representatives of 50
countries at the United Nations Conference on International
Organization, which met at San Francisco from April 25 to June 26, 1945.
Those delegates deliberated on the basis of proposals worked out by the
representatives of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the
United States at Dumbarton Oaks in August-October 1944. The Charter was
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