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НазваFamous writers(реферат)
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Famous writers.

There are many famous English writers. Among them are William
Shakespeare, Keepling  and many others. I will tell you about the life
and work of Arthur Conan Doyle and Ian Fleming, because I like their
books most of all. Ian Fleming is the author of internationally famous
James Bond spy novels. And in his life he was like the hero of his books
James bond. Ian Fleming was born on may the 28th , 1908 in England. His
family were rich. His grandfather was a millionaire banker and his
father was a member of parliament. He was killed in the First World War
when Ian was  only nine. He had  three brothers and he was quite close
to them, but he was different from them. They all went to Eton. His
brothers liked it. He hated it. He hated the army too. He didn’t want to
be a soldier. He was good at languages, so he went to study in Geneva in
1930. Then the next year he wanted to join the Foreign office but did
not pass the exams. He went back home and he was living with his mother
again, feeling very bored, when he got a job as a journalist. He worked
in London, Berlin and Moscow. Then he worked as a stockbroker and he was
doing this when the Second World War started. That’s when he started
working in the world of spies. He joined the Naval Intelligence and had
a lot of contact with MI5 and the Secret Service. He went on secret
missions to North Africa, Lisbon and America. He was a good-looking man.
He loved money and had expensive way of life. He always dressed very
carefully. He had a lot of girlfriends. He didn’t marry until he was
forty-three. He drank a lot of gin, martini, vodka and smoked 60
cigarettes a day. Probably as a result of this he had a bad heart from
quite a young age.  He started writing after the war. He went to Jamaica
in 1952, loved it and decided to buy some land by the sea and built a
house. He called it Goldeneye. And in Jamaica in 1952 three very
important things happened: he got married, he got a son and started
writing about James Bond. His first book was “Casino Royale”, then his
second book was “Live and Let Dye” in 1954. After that there were more
twelve James Bond books. His last book was “ The Man with the Golden
Gun”. He helped choose Sean Connery for “Dr.No”, but he died while they
were making the Second Bond film, “From Russia with LOVE”. His books
were successful. Forty millions were sold by the time oh his death.All
over the world, detective stories are the most popular kind of fiction.
My favorite detective is Sherlock Holmes. Although he is a fictional
character, Sherlock Holmes had a real address-221b Baker street. Today
this is the Sherlock Holmes museum. The author of the Sherlock Holmes
stories was Arthur Conan Doyle. He was born in Scotland, in 1859. He was
a doctor, and he wrote detective stories to spare time. He wrote
twenty-six Sherlock Holmes stories between 1887 and 1895. Then, he
decided to kill of his hero. At the end of the story called “The Final
Problem” Holmes and Moriarty fall into the Reichenbach falls in
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