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НазваHistoric cities : Durham, York, Oxford(реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Historic cities : Durham, York, Oxford


York. York is one of Europe’s historic cities. It began as an important

roman city. In medieval times a stone wall was built around it, and wall

is still there today. There is the river Omse near Lendal bridge. And

from here you can walk around the city on the wall, it takes about two

hours. In the south wall is Micklegate bar, where kings and queens

entered the city. There is also Monk bar and Booth bar. Inside the city

there is a cathedral. It was begun in 1220 and finished two centuries

later. If you compare this English cathedral with a catholic cathedral,

you will see that they are different. Cathedral in Protestant England

don’t have colorful paintings on the wall, the color is in the windows.

In the center of window of this cathedral is white rose- the symbol of

York. There are also different interesting museums in York. One of them

is the National Railway Museum. There are a lot of trains in it, for

example the first public train in the world, built in 1825 and the

fastest steam train in the world are here.. West Yorkshire. The West

Yorkshire moors, where two great writers, Charlotte and Emily Bronte,

lived. Their books are Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heinghts. They lived in

the 1800s in the village of Haworth with four brothers and sisters.

Their father was the minister at the village church. All the children

died by the age of thirty, except Charlotte. She lived on alone with her

father in this house. Then at thirty-eight she married. But only nine

month later she died too and was buried in the church by her old father.

OXFORD. Oxford is one of oldest and most famous cities in the world. it

is famous for it’s university, the Oxford university. It also called a

city of students, because over 12000 students are living and studding

here in thirty five colleges. Oxford is a place of young people and old

traditions, for example teachers are called dons and still wear black

grows. Student here are taught one-to-one in the Socratic tradition. At

the libraries you can still see notices written in Latin - the ancient

language of scholars. Students here are surrounded by old stone

building. One of them is Hertford College, one of smallest colleges in

the university. About two hundred students live and work here. But

Oxford is not all work, there are a lot of clubs and other interesting

places for students and dons to visit. For example the Sheldonian

theater, which is used for concerts and university’s ceremonies.

Opposite the theater is book shop, where people buy books. It is one of

the word biggest book shops, with seven kilometers of selves. There are

also a lot of pubs and cafes in the city, where you can buy cheap food

and drink a cup of coffee with friends. There are two rivers in Oxford.

People usually travel in the rivers by boats called punts. Oxford is

also famous for it’s gardens, which has a maze.