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НазваLesya ukrainka (1871-1913) (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Lesya Ukrainka is a famous Ukrainian poetess. Her life and poetry cannot

but arouse a feeling of administration. Her right name was Larissa

Kosach. But she entered the world of literature under the

pennane Lesya Ukrainka and became known as a brilliant poetess.


Lesya Ukrainka’s character and views took snape under the

influence of folk traditions and cultural progressives who were

frequent visitors at the house of her mother, Ukrainian writer

Olena Pchilka. Lesya Ukrainka's uncle Mikhailo Drahomanov was

persecuted by the czarist government and lived in еmіgration in

Bulgaria. The great Ukrainian composer Mykola Lysenko and one of

the founders of Ukrainian theatre Mikhailo Staritsky were the

Kosach's close friends. Young Lesya was a sensitive girl. She

felt deep sympathy for her people who suffered from czarist

national and social oppression. When she was nine, her aunt, а

member of the national liberation movement, was exiled Siberia.

Lesya responded to this dramatic family event by writing her

first poem, “Hope”. From that tine Lesya Ukrainka constantly

raisad her voice in defence of human dignity.


Lesya Ukrainka's literary legacy is rich. It includes poetry

collections (“On Wings of Songs”, “Thoughts and Dreams”,

“Echoes”), dramatic poems, prose, critical articles, studies in

folklore and translations from many languages. And this large

amount of work was done by a person who lived less than

forty-two years. From childhood to the end of her life she

battled tuberculosis. Her illness drove her from clinic to

clinic, from country to country. She was in the Crimea,

Bulgaria, Vienna, Berlin, Italy, Egypt, Georgia. Unlike other

people who travelled to see exotic lands, Lesya Ukrainka took her

foreign travels as a bitter necessity, which often drained her

of the last cent. She never wasted her time though. She studied

the history, language, culture and way of life of every country she



Lesya Ukrainka knew many foreign languages and, already in her early

years, read classical literature in the original for self -education

(she could not go to school because of her illness).


Lesya Ukrainka worked towards acquainting her people with world culture.

She thoroughly arranged a list of a World Library series or the

Ukrainian reader.


In February 1971 the whole world celebrated the centenary of Lesya

Ukrainka’s birthday. Her poetry, based on folk traditions and penetrated

by advanced social and aesthetic ideas, made her a poetess of

international caliber.