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     For decades Moscow  has  had  a  reputation  as  a  city  of
theatres.  The birth plays of the historic "Bolshoy",  "Maly" and
"Moscow Art" theatres the city has been and steel is a centre for the 
development exploretary modern ideas in the dramatic art and is famous
for it's  great  number  of  highlygifted,  interesting directors,
actors, playwrigts and artists. 

     Every evening the doors of Moscow theatres open  to  streams of
theatre-gowers. The best Moscow theatres devoded themselves to
developing the principals of directing and acting  laid  down  by
Stanislavsky,   Meerhold,  Nemerovich-Danchenko,  Vachtangov  and
others.  The discoveries and successes of Moscow  theatres  today exists
due to experience and triumphs of preceding generations. 

    I'd like to tell you about the Bolshoy Theatre. The magestic
building of  the  Bolshoy  Theatre  stands  in  Theatre Square in
Moscow's central quater,  not  far  from  Kremlin.  This  is  the
leading   Russian   opera  house  with  the  best  vocalists  and
choreographers in it's company.

     The Bolshoi  traces  it's  history  to  1776 when a standing opera
company was organized in Moscow.  The first opera shown  in Bolshoi 
theatre was opera "life of tsar" (now "Ivan Susanin").At later times
operas by Dargomyzhsky,  Serov,  Tcaikovsky, Borodin, Moussorgsky,
Rimsky-Korsakov and Rubinstein were produced here. 

     At the same time the Bolshoi company staged the best  operas and 
ballets by West European composers-Mozart,  Rossini,  Weber, Verdi and

     The bolshoi  ballet company enjoys well-deserved fame as the
world's finest.  This is equally true of it's brilliant realistic style
of perfomance and repertoire.


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