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гак. He never had another job. He started playing when he was just a
kid, he taught himself to play. He tried few instruments , First there
drums-it was when he was only five. After that it was there piano and
then later the keyboards. He plays guitar also. He started playing
professionally when he was still at school. He left school at sixteen.
He was playing in a band, working on Sunday evening in pubs and clubs.
When he left school his only ambitions was to be in a pop group. He was
played with «Roxy Music» and »THE Smiths» . And he made records with
«Pretendness» and «Madness». It is very important to him because he made
a first hit record with them. That was in 1974 . The song was called
«How Long» and it was a big bit all over the world. Since 1985 he is
with «Mike and the Mechanics». He is the singer -vocalist and Mike plays
the guitar. He always wanted to work in America. He was pleased when his
records were successful there. And last summer he made an own record. It
came out in the October and it is called «Groove Approval» . It is doing
quite well, especially in America. His records are often played on radio
there and there are more people that have heard of him then in Britain.
He is not a superstar of course. But people know his name and buy his


  Music - it art, reflecting validity in sound art images, one of the
forms of public ideology. Having by powerful force direct emotional
effect, music during of all history of man-kind plays a huge
social,cultural and educational role.

  Lieading composers are connected to progressive public movements,

life, interests and aspirations people. Each nations differs by peculiar
national features. Folk music, being improved by creative efforts of
many generations of the people, reaches a high degree of art maturity.
On the basis of riches of national music professional musical creativity
of composers is developed. Rejection of music from advanced ideas epoch
of national culture, national roots of art leads to it's to decline and

  Idia emotional contents of music is passed through sound art images,
implemented in musical sounds. The basic of music is the tune. according
to the way of performance music is divided into 2 main
branches:instrumental and vocal.

     There are a lot of different styles of music. Such as: Jazz, Pop,
Rock, Classic; and new musical directions.Such as: Rave, Hard Core,
Jungle, Break Beat and many other. I like to listen to rave music and
Happy Hard Core.

  As for me i like these styles because they are very rythmic and
dancing. The beginning of techno music was put very known singer Fredde
Mercuri was the first to compose music in the style techno. In those
years very few people evaluated new style of music. But with the years a
new style has grown up to such global sizes. Now this music is listened
to by large part of youth. I think it's very good that such musical
direction as raiv has appeared. Because in raiv there are a lot of
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