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НазваMy favorite painter(реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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     One of my favorite artists is Rembrant is the greatest Dutch
master,  one  of  the supreme geneuses in the history of art.  To this
day the art of Rembrant remains one  of  the  most  profound witness  of
 the  progress of the soul in it's earthly pilgrimage towards the 
realisation  of  higher  destiny.  The  son  of  the prosperous  miller,
 Rembrant  was  born  in  Leiden in 1608.  He studied at Leiden
University, but his real vocation was painting.

His rapid sugsess promoted him to move to the Amsterdam in 1631. 

   In 1632 Rembrant bought a splendid house, started a collection of 
paintings and rarities.  The universal artist dealt with many world
subjects.  Rembrant created a number of portraits and  some group
portraits which were traditional to the Dutch art. The best of them are
"Anatomy lesson of Dr. Tulp" and "The night watch".

     In 1655  Rembrant  found  himself  in  the  midst of several
financial troubles. At that period he painted "The Polish Rider", which
is an allegory of the man's earthly journey.

     Probably in 1669,  the  year  of  his  own  death,  Rembrant
painted  his famous "Return of the Prological son",  which stands at the
ultimate peak of Cristian spirituality,  illuminating  the relationship
of the self to the eternity.

    The biblical theme was very important to Rembrant. He painted
"Artakserks, Oman and Eshpir", "The Saint Family".

     Rembrant was not understood when he was alive.  He  died  in
poverty. But it is the spirituality of his art that distinguishes
Rembrant from his Dutch contemporaries making  him  the  greatest artist
of the world


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