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№1  Traveling

Many people like to travel because it is interesting, attractive & you
can see new different places. There are few reasons why people travel.
The first: they visit other counters for getting more useful information
about this country, his nation, languages & so on. The second reason
people travel for relax. Sometimes it is  necessary to leave your house
& have a rest. As usual people go trip in their holidays. I  certainly
like to travel too, because it is interesting for me to see new
countries & places This summer I have been in Turkey in small town
Marmaris. It is there pretty small town without any monuments & museums
.It is situated in the southern part of Turkey in the Again sea. My
parent’s &I lived in a little hotel in the seashore. Every evening in
the embankment a lot of   small restaurants  were opened & it was very
pleasant to walk along the shore & breath fresh sea air. It was a lovely
picturesque place. I like it very mach. But  I wasn’t impressed by it. I
 have more fan & relax in the Black Sea. I spend there only 2 days, but
they leave in my memory more recollections  that 2 weeks in Marmaris. In
the morning I got up early for getting seashells but most of all I enjoy
jumping over the waves .It was really impressive. But I began to miss my
home other that I have so remarkable holidays in my life. Why people
miss their homes? The home is the place where we live from day to day &
we can not forget it. This place  are always stayed in owe memory as the
best & comfortable place in the ????????????????????????††?

№2   Family

The word “family” is asocial with warm tender relations between members
of the family. It is very important when there is understanding among
people in the family an consideration fortress such relations became
possible when people in the family show other terms with ea-ch other, do
many things tougher tall joys survive troubles & living friendly. Loving
people gives you felling of happiness. But nowadays young People think
that family can not consist only on love & understanding. The causal
position & celery are important too. When you ha-ve a good education you
can easily find good work. Also if you have own flat  It is easily to
make family. Now Young people understand that to make a family is there
sires step in life & they to do everything for make their future family
happy. In our family the relations are very good & friendly. But
certainly, like in every family we have quarrels specially between me &
my sister, but they are very shot & soon we again live in peace. In our
family relations are build on an understanding each other .I there live
my parents. My mother is very kindhearted women she always help me & my
sister to decide my problems. My father is kind too but some times he is
strict But I most of all like my sister’s character, we are there
friendly because we alike. I & me sister understand each other
earthward. My family help me to live & to understand the world around
me. & I very thank my parents.  
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