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НазваRussian hollidays(тема)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Russian holidays


There are dates and events in the life of this our country that are

memorable to every Russian citizen. The dates of this kind are: Victory

Day, May Day, Constitution Day, the Women's Day, Independence Day. These

are national holidays, people do not work on these days. The most

memorable date is the Victory Day which is kept on the 9-th of May. On

this Day we celebrate the anniversary of the victory over fascism in the

World War II. May Day is regarded as the day of solidarity of the

workers of the world. This day commemorates the tragic events of the

years 1884— 1888 in Chicago when workers were fighting for their rights.

The Women's Day, celebrated on the 8-th of March, is like Mother's Day

in Great Britain. On this day you can see many men buying or carrying

flowers. Children give their mothers presents, or send them postcard if

they are away from home. Recently new national holidays have appeared.

They are of religious origin. They are: Christmas and Easter. In Russia

Christmas is celebrated on the 7-th of January. In Europe and in the USA

it is marked on December 25. 0n Christmas people celebrate the birth of

Jesus Christ. Easter symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Children like this holiday for traditional brightly painted boiled eggs

and special Easter cakes. Easter cakes are sold at every bakery, but

home-made ones are always much tastier.


There is one more holiday which is loved by everybody: children and

adults. This is New Year's Eve. People decorate New Year trees with toys

and lights and believe that a miracle is a must on this day. 0n the New

Year night people go to dancing, visit their friends or stay at home and

watch TV. It's my favourite holiday.