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Scotland is one of four part of the GB. In area Scotland is more

than half as big as England. The principal cities of the country are :

its capital Edinburgh and the main industrial center Glasgow. Scottish

towns look very different from English towns. Some words about Edinburgh

. Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, is one of Britain’s most attractive

cities. It’s a city for people who like to walk. You are never far from

green parks, gardens and hills - even in the main shopping streets. It’s

a busy modern city, but the history is everywhere. At the top of the

highest hill in Edinburgh is Edinburgh Castle. It was the home of

Scotland’s royal family until 1603 when King James the 6th of Scotland

became king of England and moved to London. The road which begins at the

castle and goes eastwards is called Royal Mile. At the other end of the

Royal Mile is the Palace of Hollyroodhouse. It was built by a Scottish

king before Scotland and England were united to make Great Britain. Now

it is a second home for the Queen or her children, who usually visit

Edinburgh in the summer. When the royal family is not there you can

visit the palace and see a lot of interesting things. There are nine

hills in Edinburgh. They are long-dead volcanoes. From the tops of them

you can see two bridges : the modern road bridges an the old rail

bridges which has carried trains to the Highlands for more than a

hundred years. The highlands of Scotland is mountainous and wild. In the

winter it’s white with snow but in the summer it’s purple. Highlands are

famous for the Scottish Olympics or the Highland games ( it’s real name

). These games are not only sporting competitions : music and different

traditional games are very important too. While athletes throw the

hammer at the one end of the arena, you can watch a dancing competition

at the other end. there is also a game for the strongest athletes -

tossing the caber, which weights 60 kilos and is six metres long. These

games are very popular in Highlands. Usually between the mountains are

rivers and lakes. Scottish people like fishing very much, that’s why

they say that Scottish rivers are good for two : fishing is one, the

other is Scotch whisky. Whisky is made from water and barley. The method

hasn’t changed for hundreds years. Scotch whisky is the best one.

Scotland is also famous for it’s kilt, the most important part of

national dress and bagpipes - the national instrument. I thing

Scotland is very beautiful country and if you visit it you shall never

forget it.