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НазваSport and healthy living guide (тема)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Sport and healthy living guide


They say, "Health is above wealth." One of the first duties we owe to

ourselves is to keep our bodies in perfect health. If your body suffers

from any disorder, our mind suffers with it, and we are unable to make

much progress in knowledge, and we are unfit to perform those duties,

which are required of us in social life.


There are certain laws of health which deserve particular attention and

they are so simple that even a child can learn them. A certain amount of

exercise is necessary to keep the body in perfect condition. All the

powers (mental and bodily) we possess are strengthened by use and

weakened by disuse. Moderation in eating and drinking, reasonable hours

of labour and study, enough sleeping time (not less than 7-8 hours a

day), regularity in exercise, recreation and rest, cleanliness lay the

foundations for health and long healthy happy life.


Thousands of people consider sports to be very helpful in gaining good

health. That's why every country pays much attention to developing

sports. It is sport that helps to bring up physically strong,

strong-willed, courageous and energetic people.


In the last ten years recreational sport has become extremely popular,

and, according to doctors is absolutely essential for a long and healthy



The reasons of this enormous interest in sport of all kinds are varied.

When you ask people why they spend so much time, effort, and sometimes

money, they will talk about the physical benefits (feeling fit,

increasing stamina, sleeping better, the chance of living a more active

life), psychological benefits (self-discipline and respect, a sense of

personal achievement, relaxation, getting rid of aggression), and the

social advantages (meeting people with similar interests, the team

spirit). However, the social aspect seems to be more important for men

than for women. Very often, enjoying a drink with friends after the

match is as important for the former as a physical activity itself. The

latter generally see sport as a way of keeping fit rather than anything



Of course, some people don’t consider sport to be a hobby, it is an

everyday work for them. Much is spoken now about problems in

professional sport. There is a lot drug taking in sport. There is too

much pressure on young sports people. Mountaineering and air sports such

as hang-gliding, each kill at least 16 people every year. In one Sports

Council study of 28,000 people, football was found responsible for more

than a quarter of 2,000 injuries seen every year. But still many people

are involved in professional sport and millions of people can not live

without it. They prefer watching sporting events rather than taking part

in them. They are so-called sport-fans. They pack stadiums during sport

matches and competitions, they sit glued to the TV, they are ready to

give every moral support to their favourite sportsmen or teams.


In the meantime thousands of ordinary people devote their spare time to

going in for sports. They play indoor and outdoor games: volleyball,

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