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The political role of Great Britain in modern world ()
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The political role of Great Britain


in modern world


by Timur Saatashvili, 11 A grade


English teacher:


Altynova Galina Anatolyevna


Ryazan, 2001


The political role of Great Britain in modern world.


Analyzing the current world political situation I wonder why since the

beginning of the twentieth century Great Britain, a colonial empire in

the past, been losing its influence in the world step by step and

nowadays it is worth speaking not about the British political but merely

about holding its own current stand? Why doesnt it want Europe to be

united and independent of the US? This problem becomes more urgent

nowadays when the American influences weakening and the political

opponent which prevents us from being a full member of the European

society. The U.K. takes part in all international committees in

Chechnya. Its territory is used by lots of anti Russian Wakhabbist

organizations that provides Chechen terrorists and separatists. Its

subversive activities have the only aim to isolate Russia. And I

couldnt help taking such a theme where I will analyze the British

policy, explain it and try to find alternatives for the English foreign

political line.


After the Second World War England lost its political independence,

becoming an American satellite.


Forming the Anglo American alliance was especially influenced by the

so called Americanocentrist conceptions by Zbignev Bzhezinski and

Nicholas Spikesman.


According to Spikesmans theory, the geographical authority of any state

takes shape by not its inland territories, but coastline. He emphasizes

three large centers of world power: the Atlantic Seashore of North

America and Europe and the Far East of Eurasia. These territories were

called a rimland. This way Great Britain and the US must from an

alliance and that was done soon.


Being an American ally, England has become a reliable Fifth Column in

the European Union. The British government has been trying its best to

prevent Europe from unifying processes, once protesting against founding

European Central Bank and the singe European currency euro and

attempting together with the US to quarrel the European states with one

another and to direct their aggression against the third one like

Yugoslavia. Due to its pro American foreign policy, Great Britain has

become the second leader of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

right now the U.K. and the US are at the head of all NATOs military

operations, like The Shield of the desert, The Storm in the desert,

in 1991, The Fox in the desert in 1998 and the anti Yugoslavian

aggression in 1999. Speaking about the NATOs last campaign, the U.K.

and the US destabilized an ethnic situation in Europe, because during

the NATOs bombardments tens and thousands of thousands of Albanian

refugees poured into Germany, Albania and some other countries. That

needs no saying, the Albanians from Kosovo and Methokia complicated the

social political situation in these states. Its result was the

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