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НазваThe Quenn Mother (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Міністерство освіти і науки України

Київський національний  торговельно-економічний університет


на тему:

“The Queen Mother”





Храпко Ю.А.


Дерев’яненко Т.В. 


Коломия 2002


A  crucial  bulwark  for  the  House  of  windsor .

Elizabeth’s  early  years .

The  end  of  the  sunny  youth  ( The  First  World War ) .

Wedding  with  the  Duke  of   York    .

The  early  days  of  the  wife  of   King  George  VI.

The  Queen Mother  searched for  a  role  .

She was born when William McKinley was President of the United States
and Victoria still ruled the greatest empire in the history of the
world. Hitler was 11, Eisenhower 10, Winston Churchill had just been
voted into Parliament as a 25-year-old hero of the Boer War. Electrons
had just been discovered. There were no airplanes or tanks or radio
broadcasts, no antibiotics, fewer than 20,000 cars in the whole country.
The average British baby born the same day could expect to die before

It has been the bloodiest, most tumultuous of centuries. But the women
born Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen
Mother as she has been known since the year after her husband King
George VI died in 1952, has accomplished the remarkable feat of
traversing these turbulent times with a fame and popularity. Her famous
wave and upturned hat brims, that tilt of the head and benign smile, her
sharp common sense and enthusiasm for people and for life, have turned
out to be a crucial bulwark for the House of Windsor and earned her a
durable place in modern British history.

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was the first women not a princess to marry
the son of an English king in more than 200 years, but in every way that
counted she was no more a commoner that Henry VIII was uxorious. Her
family had owned their Scottish estate, Glamis, since 1372; by legend it
was the place where Macbeth killed King Duncan. She was the ninth child
of the Earl of Strathmore and his engaging, vigorous wife. “Life is for
living and working at,” read one of the needlework samplers her mother
made; and Elizabeth’s early years, spent mostly on the family estate in
Hertfordshire, combined steady doses of duty with the expansive
enjoyment of country pursuits that was the Edwardian ideal. There was a
pony called Bobs, pigs, cats, chickens, a garden with weeds to pull, a
tennis court and a piano. She would raid the kitchen with her brother to
snitch cakes and buns, retreating to the attic of an outbuilding and was
outside by 6a.m. When she was 10, a palm-reader reported she would one
day be a queen. She was affectionately teased with the nickname
“Princess Elizabeth” – and liked it.

Certainly she displayed the aplomb of a monarch. At age three, she
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