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НазваThe Survival of the Welsh Language (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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«The Survival of the Welsh Language»

Contents :


Part I                                                                  

Part II                                                                 

Part III                                                                

Part IV                                                                 

Part V                                                                  

Part VI                                                                 
                                                     10Part VII         

Part VIII                                                               

Part IX                                                                 

Welsh language guide                                                    

List of used sources                                                    


It is the eighth wonder of Wales that is the most wondrous of them all,
the survival of the Welsh language in the face of almost impossible

Sometime in the seventh century, a Welsh Bishop heard an Englishman's
voice on the bank of the River Severn and was filled with foreboding at
the sound.. He recorded his unsettling experience thus: "For the kinsman
of yonder strange-tongued man whose voice I heard across the river. . .
will obtain possession of this place, and it will be theirs, and they
will hold it in ownership."

The bishop was wrong. More than twelve centuries have passed since the
strange tongue of the Saxon was heard on the borders of Wales, centuries
during which the ancient tongue of the Bishop and his fellow Britons had
every opportunity to become extinct and yet which has stubbornly refused
to die. The survival of the native language is truly one of the great
wonders of Wales, to be appreciated and marvelled at far more than any
physical feature or man-made object, and far more than the so-called
seven wonders of Wales.

It is a something of a shock when visitors travel from England west into
Wales, for, almost without warning, he may find himself in areas where
not only the dialects become incomprehensible, but where even the
language itself has changed. The roadside signs "Croeso i Gymru"
(accompanied by the red dragon, the ancient badge of Wales) let it be
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