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НазваTheodore Dreiser (1871-1945) (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Theodore Dreiser





Theodore Dreiser was an old man when he joined the

communist Party of America. It was in July 1945. His whole life

had been a preparation for that step and a hard life it had

been, too !


He was born in the family of a strict Catholic, narrow

-- minded and despotic. It was because of his farther that he

hated religion to the end of his days. His parents were not

rich. When 16 years of age, he left home to earn his living

in Chicago, which at that time was growing into a big city.

All seemed wonderful to the young lad. He managed to get a job,

but it paid only five dollars a week, besides it was not

what he wanted. He was eager to study. At last he was

admitted to the University. Yet a year later he left it

because of financial difficulties. It was in those days that he



to write for newspapers. But it was not so easy to become a

newsman. He had to call at the offices many times before he got

some work .


In 1900 his first novel “ Sister Carrie ” appeared and

was immediately withdrawn from print by the publisher. The author

was severly attacked by critics. The novel was pronounced



Dreiser could not long get over the failure of his

first literary attempt. Only after a lapse of nearly 10 years

in 1911 he published his “ Jennie Gerhardt ” , also the life

story of girl. This book likewise received a hostile reception

due to alleged immorality. Dreiser was boycotted by publishers.


Three of his works , ” The Financier “ (1912), “ The Titan ”

(1914) and “ The Stoic ” ( which was published only after the

wri ters death in 1947 ), give the whole life story of an



capitalist, showing the ways in which the wealth of big

capitalists is made. “ The Genius ” (1915) tells of the fate

of an artist in the bourgeois world.


He described his visit to the USSR in “ Dreiser Looks at

Russia ” (1928) .


Besides the works mentioned above, Dreiser also published

several collections of short stories.


Dreiser literary work occupies an important place in

American critical realism. His novels and short stories give a

true picture of American society and its influence upon the

life of the people.


“ The Financier ”, “ The Titan ” , and “ The Stoic ”

compose “ The Trilogy of Desire ” . Its purpose was to show

the ways and practices of American big business at the turn of

the 20-th century .


Frank Cowperwood - a chief character of all the three


novels is a representative of a big business. “ The Financier ”

gives a broad panorama of American social life. Cowperwood

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