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TV in my life()
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TV in my life.


TV is very important thing in our life. We can say that TV is our

eyes because TV helps us to know more about the world, about the others

counties, about the events that happened in the world. TV even helps you

to know more about yourself. I like to watch TV very much. I can do that

all day, thats why sometimes my mother makes me turn off TV. I have

about 12 Russian TV channels, they are : NTV, MTV, ORT, RTR, and others.

I also have few KOSMOS TVs channels, for example: Cartoon network,

Discovery channel, TVE, and BBC. I like some of them and hate others. So

here are some words about the channels that I like. So, my favorite

channel is MTV . MTV is a music channel. 24 hours a day of music, can

you believe it ? I like to listen music very much , and sometimes I even

make myself the music, that is why I enjoy to watch MTV. I also like

NTV. This channel has very interesting films, for example ER - my

favorite film and a lot of sport programs. I like sport, especially

football. NTV usually shows us two football match a week ( one

Champions League match and one Russian national championships match ).

I also like several foreigner channels, especially Eurosport. And you

know why ! Cartoon network is not bad, but I think that its better for

children - not for me. Thats all about me. I also want to tell you

about my parents favorite channels. My father likes different channels

with action films. His favorite actor is Sylvester Stalonne. My mother

likes talk-shows, for example on TV6, and information

programs, like on NTV, on ORT, and on RTR.

She also likes BBC channels, which is one of the best informations

channels in the whole world. The Bush house is a headquarters of the BBC

World Service. Form this building the BBC broadcasts radio programmers

to the hole world. the World Service used to be called The Empire

Service . It started in 1932, broadcast only in English. At the first

the announcers used formal English and used to speak very slowly and

clearly. In the 1930s the BBC started broadcasting to the Middle East.

And in the 1938 it started broadcasting in Arabic. Very soon the BBC was

broadcasting to all countries occupied by the Nazis. The BBC got a

reputation for honesty and accuracy. After the Second World War the BBC

continued its foreign languages broadcasts, and to this day broadcasts

the news in thirty-nine languages. In the Newsroom a hundred and twenty

journalists work day and night , writing two hundred news bulletins

every 24 hours. All news in the BBC are checked at least twice before it

is broadcasting. Thats why the World Service is not always popular with

governments. The bb is the worlds largest international broadcaster.

Every week, one hundred and thirty million people listen to BBC World

Service radio. In 1992 the World Service started broadcasting TV

programs and today people in countries all over the world can see as

well as hear the news from the BBC. Cause of our different tastes,

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