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НазваUnidentifield Flying Objects (UFO) (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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“Unidentified Flying Objects”



  TOC \o "1-1" \h \z  Prologue.	

The Roswell catastrophe.	

UFOs underwater.	

The Teheran incident.	

Government and UFO.	


UFOs are material objects.	

The UFO in iceberg.	

Bob Lazar in the Dreamland.	





Hundreds of witnesses saw UFO. Most descriptions are identical.
Eyewitnesses tell about triangles soundless moving into air with
powerful searchlights in every corner and winking light in the middle.

The Roswell catastrophe.

The famous Roswell catastrophe fell on the 2nd of July in 1947. It was a
foul weather. The first thing which Breisel picked up from the land
strokes him. Thin scrap, probably metal, but weightless at all. You can
tread and bend it as you like but it receives the first form at once. On
the black metal sheet Breisel disclosed somewhat as a hieroglyph.
Perplexed farmer began to find things with enigmatic inscriptions among
the broken pieces. The things were not few, one is rosy, and another is
red. Sometimes inscriptions were drowning up like pillars as numerals
for joining. Having loaded the jeep with broken pieces Breisel went back
to the farm. 

The first Breisel’s cousin Hollys Willson persuaded him to gather the
broken pieces somewhat more and deliver it to the Roswell airbase.

The early morning on 3 of July 1947 on engineer of the State Service
Greidy L. Barnett appeared on the desertly plain Sun – Augustine near
the Magdalena town (state New-Mexico). 

Looking around the plain, Barnett observed the dimly gleaming object. It
was too big.

The archeologists come to the place of catastrophe almost at the same
time They were producing excavations of the ancient Indian settlements.

The huge disk made from silver colored metal was lying on the ground.

Being cut in the sand, disk began to brake. There were lying strange
bodies in different attitudes. Big hair less heads, small eyes. They
have identical faces and clothes: gray suits without collars, seams, and
lightnings. They have height of teens ten years old.

In the dark interior of the disk were another bodies. Hadn’t succeeded
to contemplate any more. The military jeep drove up. Reluctant
eyewitnesses were offered to go away. However, soldiers severely
prevented: “Don’t relate about disk and newcomers, it is your patriotic
duty”. In those days this phrase meant too much.

The Sun – Augustine plain is situated in the hundred with half miles
from the Foster Place, where in the evening Breisel observed brightly
flash, after which the house shuddered. And it would be alluring to
attach the farm with the point on the Sun – Augustine plain on a map.
The situation would be explained at once: the flying disk was struck by
lightning over the Breisel territory. It lost a part of rigging and
succeeds to overcome hundred and a half miles before cutting in the sand
of the plain. The Pentagon took decision to interrupt all rumors about
real catastrophe place of the disk. Roswell airbase will declare about
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