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НазваUSA Weather forecast (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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USA Weather forecast




Across the USA - Long Range National Forecast


Regional Summaries based on New Moon charts.


Northern New England


Early spring brings in the snow, possibly in record-setting

amounts only to thaw and create flooding miseries that the 'mud' season

can bring up north in New England. Mid April - mid May will see more

precipitation, a sunny period then a cold spell. Mid-May eases out of

the cold spell only to be into windy conditions with occasional

downpours. Typical spring weather but with more oomph to it this year.


Ohio Valley


Showers and downpours could lead to flooding during the March

17th New Moon period. Mid-April to Mid-May will feature thunderstorms

with great intensity and wonderful weather to enhance idyllic spring

awareness. Mid-May through summer brings a problem with the winds. It is

also a time for drying out and the heat to start building.




Early spring is delightful. Mid April to mid-May allows normal

conditions with thunderstorms alternating with hot and dry periods.

Mid-May to summer finds the humidity beginning to build but there will

be a cold wind that brings a few destructive storms.




Chilly to cold days early in the season and excessive moisture.

Mid April to mid-May should be a wonderful time for tourists to visit.

Native will enjoy the pleasant and sometimes windy month. Mid-May to

summer will find the Floridians donning sweaters as the chilly breezy

may bring goosebumps.



The Upper Plains, the Dakotas, Minnesota, & Wisconsin


The area will begin with snow and other forms of

precipitation-some freezing rain long with exhilarating gusts of wind.

Genuinely lovely days are promised in this period also J Mid-April

brings in the windy days with quite a punch! Prettier days to prevail

with an early heat plume; a little early summer humidity.


Mid-May to summer will ease you out of a cloudy cool place into a

heat spike that could set a record. The nodes and Uranus are angular for

this area. Expect the unexpected for the normal season!


Mid Plains States, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri


Fair, windy and at times rainy for the March 17th New Moon.

Mid-April to mid-May brings in the anxiety of fierce tornado activity.

Be concerned and listen to all warnings. Mid-May to summer brings more

unusual wind activity that will happen during the night. Following your

local forecasters is a must during this period.




The wind planet, Mercury is placed in an ominous position for

the New Moon chart in Dallas TX. This whole area should be on the alert

for a very aggressive wind from March 17th to mid-April. A repeat of

intense and threatening winds continues for the April to May period with

many close calls. Mid-May through summer brings in the traditional hot

weather for Texas. It's another season of record breakers. Just how hot

can it get in Texas!


The Rockies


Seasonal winds and normal spring downpours and generally fair

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