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НазваMy favourite group \"Scorpions\" (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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With a musical style similar to Bon Jovi or Def.Leppard, the Scorpions

have fully explored the world of rock & roll throughout their long

career. Known best for their 1984 anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and

the 1990 ballad "Wind of Change", the German rockers have sold well over

22 million records, making them one of the most successful rock bands to

ever come out of continental Europe.


Originally formed in 1969 by Rudolf Schenker, the original lineup

consisted of rhythm guitarist/vocalist Schenker, lead guitarist

Karl-Heinz Follmer, bassist Lothar Heimberg and drummer Wolfgang Dziony.

In 1971, Schenker's younger brother Michael joined the band to play lead

guitar, and good friend Klaus Meine became the new vocalist. In 1972,

the Scorpions released their remarkable debut album, Lonesome Crow.

Although they failed to get into the public's eye, the early incarnation

of '70s rock band UFO noticed Michael Schenker's guitar playing and

hired him as their lead guitarist; Michael, therefore, would leave the

band in 1973.


Guitarist Uli Jon Roth replaced him, and under his guidance, the group

released four consecutive albums: Fly to the Rainbow (1974), In Trance

(1975), Virgin Killer (1976) and Taken By Force (1977). Although these

albums failed to attain any serious attention in the United States, they

were all quite popular in Japan. By the time Taken By Force was

released. Roth made the decision to leave the band and form Electric Sun

after feeling that his musical ideas would take the group in an entirely

different direction. Tokyo Tapes, a double live album that the group

recorded in Tokyo with Roth, was released in 1978.


Shortly after Roth's departure, Michael Schenker was kicked out of UFO

for his constant alcohol abuse and came back to play with the Scorpions

in 1979, who had recently signed with Mercury Records. The group

released Lovedrive that same year and played their first American tour,

but Lovedrive failed to attract attention being banned in the United

States because of its sexually explicit cover. Still coping with his-

drug and alcohol addiction, Michael missed tour dates repeatedly and

guitarist Matthias Jabs was hired to fill in for him on nights when he

was absent. Michael eventually would leave the band a second time after

realizing that he was failing to meet their expectations.


Now with a lineup of Klaus Meine on vocals, Rudolf Schenker on rhythm

guitar, Matthias Jabs on lead, Francis Bucholzon bass and Herman

Rarebell on drums, the band released Animal Magnetism in 1980 and

embarked on another world tour. Surprisingly, Animal Magnetism went gold

in the United States, and the Scorpions immediately went back into the

studio to record their next release. Problems arose, however, and the

project was postponed because Meine had lost his voice and would have to

have surgery on his vocal chords. Meine returned for the 1982 release

Blackout, which contained the hit "No One Like You." A major success

worldwide, Blackout sold over one million copies in the U.S. alone. But

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