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One summer day I and my brother went to the river. The weather was hot.

It was not cloudy. The sky was blue. The sun was shining. But the water

was not warm. We fished and swam much. We came back home at 5 oclock.

Then we played football and ran much in the yard. In the evening we were

very tired. I felt that something was wrong with me. I had a terrible

headache a sore throat and a strong pain in my legs and hands. I felt so

bad that I decided to go to the bed without supper. My mother examined

my throat and tongue. She took my pulse and listened to my heat. She

took my temperature too , it was not rather high. My throat was red and

it was difficult for me to swallow. In the morning i was , sneezing

and coughing. It was flu. My mother bought me some medicine . I was in

bed for 3 days. I drank warm milk with butter honey and mineral water. I

was well soon. But my mother told me to consult our doctor. I coughed a

little. Three days lately I visited the doctor . He said me to take off

my shirt and asked me : How long have you had a cough? Breath in

deeply He listened to my lungs and my chest and took my blood pressure

and my pulse and asked about my morning exercises , I said :

Sometimes I do but I hardly ever do morning exercises . Mr. Doctor told

me : You should take more morning exercises


When I came out of the doctors room , I saw a boy who was

coughing much. He was going to see the doctor. When he entered the

doctors room I heard a loud doctors voice : Stop smoking and then

come to me That boy left the doctors room and was very sad.


When I was going along the corrider I saw the rules.




You should get up early.


You should do exercises regularly


You should take a cool shower


You should eat healthy food


You shouldnt smoke


You should take right food


You shouldnt eat many sweets


You shouldnt drink Vodka and smoke at all