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НазваStylistic Features of Oscar Wilde’s Wrightings (дипломна)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуДипломна
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Diploma Paper

Stylistic Features of Oscar Wilde’s Wrightings




Chapter 1

Oscar Wilde as a Brilliant Dramatist of His Time

Chapter 2

Investigation  Proper

1.Some notes on style and stylistics

2.Lexical EMs and SDs

3.Syntactical Ems and SDs

General Conclusions



           Linguists pay considerable attention to the means of
expressing emphasis. The object of stylistic analysis is the language in
the process of its usage.

           The approach to the language material and the subject of
stylistics and the subject of stylistics is of our concern in this
diploma paper.

           As it is known stylistics treats with special means of the
language that help us to have vivid and interesting speech.

          I will not go into details with regards to lots of expressive
means and stylistic devices in Oscar Wilde’s plays as they are too many.

         My concern is the analysis of those stylistic devices and
expressive means which are capable of making utterances emotionally
coloured.I take only those stylistic devices which are based on some
significant point in an utterance whether it consists

of one sentence or a string of sentences. 

         Usually the effect of stylistic devices exceeds the bounds of
one sentence and the investigation touches upon the features of speech.

         My diploma paper deals with those stylistic devices which are
more often used in the plays, according to the table of frequency of
their usage given by me at the end of the diploma paper.

         The difference between stylistic devices and expressive means
is not large, they are closely connected with each other. The division
of things into expressive means and stylistic devices is purely
conventional with the borders between them being somewhat shaky.

           Stylistic expressive means have a kind of radiating effect.
They noticeably colour the whole of the utterance no matter whether they
are logical or emotional. They reproduce the author’s thoughts and
feelings and make the reader to think and feel what the author wants him
to think and feel.

           The initial task of my diploma paper is to specify the
subject of investigation. It is the means of emphasis.

           According to Hornby, emphasis is a force or stress, laid on a
word or words to make significance clear, or to show its importance”.*

         Emphasis is achieved by lexical and syntactical expressive

In my diploma paper I will consider only some of expressive means mostly
used in Oscar Wilde’s plays.

         It is interesting to note what Soshalskaya E.G. says about the
analysis which indicates the necessity and importance of the
investigation proper in my diploma paper.

       “The purpose of Stylistic Analysis,-she says,- is to help the
students to observe the interaction of form and matter to see how
through the infinite variety of stylistic devices and their functions
the message of the author is brought home to the reader.”**
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