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НазваThe State Flag of Ukraine (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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“The State Flag of Ukraine”


The State Flag of Ukraine


Various types of flags were used in various periods of Ukrainian

history. The earliest mention of the modern national colors of Ukraine

dates back to the period of Hetman State and is found in the Lviv

Chronicle of the 17th century. Supposedly, the coat of arms of the city

of Lviv, in yellow and blue colors, was granted to the city by Prince

Lev. Yellow and blue also appeared in the coat of arms of the "Ruthenian

Voyevodstvo (Province)" which was part of Poland in the 14th and 15th

centuries. The description of some military flags from the times of the

Hetman State (after the Periaslav Council of 1654) mention azure as the

color of the flag cloth bearing different embroidered emblems and

mottoes. Along with azure, often in combination with yellow, the

favorite colors of the Kozak state were crimson and red.


The heraldic conception of national colors that had been passed down

from ancient times had been lost. Instead, blue was justified as being

the color of the sky and yellow as the color of the wheat fields. On

March 22, 1918 the Ukrainian Central Rada simultaneously adopted the

yellow-and-blue flag and the trident as the national coat of arms. On

November 12, 1918, the government of the Western Ukrainian National

Republic also adopted these colors for its state flag. In accordance

with the resolution of the Ukrainian National Rada of June 27, 1949, the

state flag of the Ukrainian National Republic consisted of two equal

horizontal stripes: blue at the top and yellow at the bottom.


When Ukraine declared its independence in 1991, it adopted a new

National Flag on January 28, 1992 - a horizontally 2-striped flag. The

upper stripe, blue, signifying the open sky and the bottom yellow

stripe, symbolizing the wheat fields of Ukraine.