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НазваProminent scientists and physicians of Ukraine (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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A well-known Ukrainian scientist О.М. Shumiyansky was the prominent

anatomist-microscopist of the i8 th century. He was the first who

discribed the -kidney texture.


O.M. Shumlyansky was born in 1748 'in the village Yakivtsi of Poltava

region. His father was an Ukrainian Cossack-peasant. He graduated from

the medical school in Petersburg and worked as a surgeon. Then he went

abroad where he improved his education in the field of obstetrics and

received his doctor's degree.


After his returning to Russia О.М. Shumlyansky became a professor of the

medical surgical school in Moscow. He was the author of many research

works in the fields of surgery and obstetrics.


The prominent surgeon and scientist M.V. Skliphosovsky (1836-1904) was

born in Moldova and was brought up in a charity-school in Odcsa. After

successful graduating from the University he wrote his thesis and became

a professor of the Medical Academy in Petersburg. He was one of the

organizers of the surgical school in Russia.


M. V. Skliphosovsky liked Ukraine and often visited Odesa and other

Ukrainian towns. In 1871 he bought an estate in the outskirt of Poltava

and rested there in summer. Then he removed to Poltava and worked as a

physician at the regional hospital. It should be noted that, he took

care about poor people. He treated them free of charge and tried to

create favourable conditions in the hospital. A new school was built for

poor children on his initiative and his daughter was a teacher there.


In his estate he cultivated his orchard and worked there; being in -old



The outstanding clinicist and scientist of Ukraine M.D. Strazhesko

(1876-952) was an initiator in establishing Kyiv Institute of Clinical

Medicine and worked there as the academician during a long period. Under

the supervision of his teacher prof. V. P. Obraztsov he was the first to

differentiate and describe the clinical picture of myocardial



M.D. Strazhesko was the author of many, classical works describing the

heart and abdominal diseases. He used Pavlov's scientific-ideas in his

clinic. In his research work he used the scientific, data from

biochemistry, microbiology, physiology and other sciences. He paid much

attention to the clinical researches of his patients.


In common with his teacher V.P. Obraztsov they worked out a new method

of sliding palpation of abdominal cavity organs that won the world



1. What was O.M. Shumlyansky? 2. When and where was he born? 3. What

school did he graduate from? 4. Where did1 he receive his doctor's

degree? 5. Was he the. author of many research works? 6. What was M. V.

Skliphosovsky? 7. Where was he brought up? 8. When did he become a

professor of the Petersburg Academy? 9. Where did he remove then. 10.

What did he do in Poltava? 11. What was M.D. Strazhesko? 12. Who was an

initiator in establishing Kyiv Institute of Clinical Medicine? 13.

Was he the author of many classical works? 14. What method did M.D.

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