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НазваIvan Pulyui (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
tionally at the Budapest company "Gantz" which had its branch in
Vienna. The company produced electric lamps. It was a very difficult
period in the life of I. Pulyui. Being honest, straightforward and
sincere he had to work in the atmosphere of provocations and intrigues.
He communicated with the factory owner only in written form. Pulyui
participated in the biggest exhibiton in Europe, displayed practical use
of electric energy. His projects of chanderliers and multicoloured
advertisements were highly estimated at that time.

His lamps were much more perfect than those of Edison. His closed
assistant at that time was his former student Catherine Strozhitska. She
was 18 years his junior. She had splendid long hair which she sacrificed
as the raw material for lamps. They got named and moved to Prague. Their
children were brought up in the spirit of love for Ukrainian culture and
traditions. I. Pulyui was a highly respected technical adviser. He
persuaded a lot of city councils that it was necessary to build electric
power stations. It was due to his initiative that electric stations were
built in Czekhia, Hungary, Italy. Among the Ukrainian diaspora abroad
Pulyui spread the idea of organized life. He founded the society "Sych",
he advocated the Ukrainian cause in his private talks with ministers,
manufacrurers. He founded the cultural society "Ukrainian Community".
"Pulyui's Fund" supplied scholarships for needy students. He and his
daughters organized celebration of the 35th anniversary of V. Lycenko's
birthday abroad. Pulyui translated Psalter into Ukrainian, helped to

publish the Bible translated by Kulish and Nechui-Levitsky. While doing
it he managed to visit Western Ukraine, his native town of Grimailiv. I.
Pulyui died on January 31,1918. His range of activities was very broad:
he was a scientist, a philosopher, a public figure, an astronomer, a
theologist, a pedagogue, an electromechanic, a physicist, a
mathematician, a polyglot (he knew 15 languages), a smith, a carpenter,
a writer (L Franko appreciated his writing talant most highly).

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