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Назва228 відповідей на питання з американістики (шпаргалка)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
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228 відповідей на питання з американістики (шпаргалка)

Для тих, хто вивчає American Studies (поглиблено) в КНУ Шевченка
(Інститут Філології) а також всіх інших, хто готується до екзамену. 228
відповідей на питання з Американістики. Джерела - \r\nон-лайн
енцикопедії, the Potrtait of the USA, конспекти лекцыъ Шевченко Н.Б.

1.	What factors caused the changes that made American English different

       British English?

Will for self-identification, influence of other languages, distance
between the countries

What differences are there in British and American English? Differences
in grammar, pronunciation and spelling.

What differences in pronunciation are there in British and American

American English not do not have as much as rises and falls as in
British English, voices have higher pitch, , they are nasalized, “r” is
pronounced always, t/d a bit voiced, etc.

British English            American English 

                                Ary (stressed!) temporary 

                                Ory   territory, laboratory

                                Able   amicable, hospitable, formidable

                  a                         er        courage, nourish,
flourish, current, hurry

                  e                         ei           semi-, anti-,

privacy, vitamins, either, neither, leisure

4.	Comment on the term "Americanism" and give examples of Americanisms


-originate from America (are pointed in dictionaries if they have
British variant)

-vocabulary units which can be used in all English-speaking countries.


Tomahawk, moccasin, wigwam, ranch, tornado, coyote;

Minister – secretary

Car – automobile

Secondary school – high school

Biscuits – cookies

Flat – apartment

Form – grade

Lift – elevator

Post – mail

Pavement – sidewalk

Lorry – truck

Tram – street-car

Petrol – gasoline

Wash up – do the dishes

Wash your hands – wash up

Comment on the differences between British and American grammar.

-	Past Simple is used more often than Present Perfect (to introduce a
recent happening; give new information; with just, already, yet)

-       I’ve got= I have; Have you got?= Do you have?

-	“shall” is never used in the first form singular

-	shall/should is used asking for the instructions

-	use of auxiliaries (you needn’t/ you don’t need; I suggest that you do

-	government, team, family – singular 

-	in the street/on the street

-	take a bath/have a bath; take a shower/have a shower

-	at weekends/on weekends

-	different to/different than

-	write to somebody/write somebody

-	to, in hospital/ to, in the hospital

-	burnt, spoilt/burned, spoiled – some irregular Br. verbs are regular
in Am. E.

-	get, got, got/get, got, gotten

-	travelling/traveling

Give examples of some borrowings from other languages made in America.

Indian: opossum, raccoon, skunk, caribou, moose
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