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Назва Multiple Intelligences as Strategy for Teaching EFL to high school graduates (дипломна)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуДипломна
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Дипломна робота з іноземної мови

           Multiple Intelligences as Strategy for Teaching EFL to high  

                                     school graduates.

                              ( University Degree Thesis )







Chapter 1. Multiple Intelligences in the structure of a new English
syllabus for secondary school

    Methodology as a science

1.1.1 Present-day issues of foreign language teaching at secondary

1.1.2 Current concepts  in secondary school graduates EFL

Chapter 2. Theory of multiple intelligences

 Gardner’s theory

Linguistic Intelligence

Logical/Mathematical Intelligene

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal  Intelligence

            2.1.5  Musical  Intelligence

2.1.6  Spatial  Intelligence

    2.1.7  Bodily-Kinesthetic  Intelligence

    2.1.8  Naturalistic  Intelligence

     2.2.  Psychological analysis of Gardner’s Theory

Chapter 3. Learning environment in teaching English conversation

Multiple intelligences in teaching English learners to the senior   

            forms of secondary school               

Development of students’ speaking and pronunciation skills

Use of the World Wide Web in teaching English to secondary school

Use of the VIDEO in teaching English to secondary school graduates





        The theme of the present university degree thesis is “ Multiple 

Intelligences as Strategy for teaching EFL to High School Graduates “.


The topicalityof the research is stipulated by rapid changes in

and  intercultural communication etc., caused by the development of 

computer technologies.

        The aim of the university degree thesis is include the Multiple
Intelligences as Strategy for TEFL to High school students .

         Methods of the research:



-experience of noted scholars,

-research of literature.

The theoretical value of the paper consists in using the results of the
research in the EFL teaching.

        The practical value -  a good opportunity of using at the
lessons of English  on secondary school. It helps to achieve the best
results in teaching English.

        The structure of the paper:

The paper consists: The Introduction, Chapter 1, where I have considered
“Methodology as a science” , Chapter 2, “The Theory of Multiple

And Chapter 3 “Learning environment in teaching English conversation”,
in the end of the paper I’ve done the conclusions of the research , and
used the certain literature.  

                     Principles of Multiple Intelligence Theory

The following principles are a condensation of J. Keith Rogers and based
upon his study of Howard Gardner's theory:

-Intelligence is not singular: intelligences are multiple. 

-Every person is a unique blend of dynamic intelligences. 

-Intelligences vary in development, both within and among individuals. 
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