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Holidays in the United States of America ()
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Holidays in the United States of America




Introduction (Only names)1

New Years Day4

Martin Luther Kings Day.5

Presidents Day..7

Memorial Day...12

Independence Day.14

Labour Day ...16

Columbus Day...18

Veterans Day.20

Thanksgiving Day.21


St.Valentines Day28

April Fools Day30




1. Only names

People in every culture celebrate holidays. Although the word "holiday"
literally means "holy day," most American holidays are not religious,
but commemorative in nature and origin. Because the nation is blessed
with rich ethnic heritage it is possible to trace some of the American
holidays to diverse cultural sources and traditions, but all holidays
have taken on a distinctively American flavour. In the United States,
the word "holiday" is synonymous with "celebration".

In the strict sense, there are no federal (national) holidays in the
United States. Each of the 50 states has jurisdiction over its holidays.
In practice, however, most states observe the federal ("legal or public
") holidays, even though the President and Congress can legally
designate holidays only for federal government employees.

The following holidays per year are proclaimed by the federal

New Year's Day	January, 1

Martin Luther King Day	third Monday in January

Presidents' Day	third Monday in February

Memorial Day	last Monday in May

Independence Day	July, 4

Labour Day	first Monday in September

Columbus Day	second Monday in October

Veterans' Day	November, 11

Thanksgiving Day	fourth Thursday in November

Christmas Day	December, 25

In 1971, the dates of many federal holidays were officially moved to the
nearest Monday by then-President Richard Nixon. There are four holidays
which are not necessarily celebrated on Mondays: Thanksgiving Day, New
Year's Day, Independence Day and Christmas Day. When New Year's Day,
Independence Day, or Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, the next day is
also a holiday. When one of these holidays falls on a Saturday, the
previous day is also a holiday. Federal government offices, including
the post office, are always closed on all federal holidays. Schools and
businesses close on major holidays like Independence Day and Christmas
Day but may not always be closed, for example, on Presidents' Day or
Veterans' Day.

Federal holidays are observed according to the legislation of individual
states. The dates of these holidays, and others, are decided upon by
each state government, not by the federal (national) government. Each
state can agree on the same date that the President has proclaimed, such
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