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НазваAstronomical capital of the world (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Two great observatories, Greenwich and Pulkovo, occupy a leading place

among the observatories of the world. Some scientists call Pulkovo the

astronomical capital of the world.


Pulkovo is situated in a hilly area some kilometers from Leningrad. You

can't get to Pulkovo by train – when the railway was being built the

astronomers specially asked that it should be kept several kilometers

away so that there should be no vibration to affect the sensitive



The work started in 1839, when the observatory was opened, is being

continued now. This is the eternal work of astronomers – to define the

precise co-ordinates of the stars, to find out the exact "addresses" of

heavenly bodies.


But today the scientists also conduct a time service, they study

activity of the Sun, follow the flights of the Earth sputniks and

calculate their orbits. The scientists of the observatory have made a

valuable contribution to the study of the cosmos by observing Soviet

artificial Earth satellites, man-made moons. The study of their orbits

is very important for the flights of manned spaceships.


The Pulkovo observatory has a radio-astronomy department equipped with

modern apparatus. The big radio-telescope installed there is stronger

than any other telescope in the world. With the help of this powerful

devise the scientists of the Pulkovo observatory carry out a number of

observations of Venus, Jupiter and other planets. It is necessary that

before flying to other planets scientists should get the greatest

possible information about the heavenly bodies.


The astronomers have obtained extremely surprising results due to

radio- astronomical observation. By means of the radio-telescope some

remarkable studies of the surface of the Sun and of solar activity have

been made and a method of investigating the movement of planets has been

worked out.


Astronomical observation and cosmic experiments are spheres of

scientific research in which broad co-operation of scientists of various

countries would be most effective. Soviet scientists, workers and

technicians have produced and launched space rockets in the direction of

the Moon, Venus and Mars and are fulfilling the noble dreams of mankind.

May there be peaceful ships flying the space routes and may they serve

the interests of all the people of the world!