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НазваAloe (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Реферат на тему:


Aloe is a   HYPERLINK "" \o "Genus" 
genus  of   HYPERLINK "" \o
"Succulent plant"  succulent ,   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Flowering plant" 
flowering plants  in the family   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Asphodelaceae" 
Asphodelaceae , which contains about 400 different   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Species"  species . They are
native to the drier parts of   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Africa"  Africa , especially  
HYPERLINK "" \o "South Africa" 
South Africa 's   HYPERLINK ""
\o "Cape Province"  Cape Province  and the mountains of tropical Africa.

Members of the closely allied genera   HYPERLINK
"" \o
"Gasteria"  Gasteria  and   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Haworthia"  Haworthia ,
which have a similar mode of growth, are also sometimes popularly known
as aloes. Note that the plant sometimes called "American aloe", Agave
americana, belongs to a different family, namely   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Agavaceae"  Agavaceae .

Aloe plants are stiff and rugged, consisting mainly of a rosette of
large, thick, fleshy   HYPERLINK "" \o
"Leaf"  leaves . Many common varieties of Aloe are seemingly stemless,
with the rosette growing directly at ground level; Other varieties may
mave a branched or un-branched   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Stem"  stem  from which the
fleshy leaves spring. The leaves are generally lance-shaped with a sharp
apex and a spiny margin. They vary in color from grey to bright green
and are sometimes striped or mottled.

Aloe   HYPERLINK "" \o "Flower" 
flowers  are small, tubular, and yellow or red and are borne on densely
clustered, simple or branched leafless stems. The plants are cultivated
as ornamental plants, especially in public buildings and gardens.


Human use of Aloes is primarily as an herbal in alternative medicines
and "home first aid". Both the translucent inner plup as well as the
resinous yellow exudate from wounding the Aloe plant is used externally
to relieve skin discomforts and internally as purgatives. To date,
research has show in certain cases that Aloes produce positive medicinal
benefits for healing damaged skin, however there is still much debate
regarding the effectiveness and safety for using Aloes medicinally in
other manners.

Some Aloes have been used for human consumption. For example drinks made
from or containing chunks of aloe pulp are popular in Asia as commercial
beverages, and as a tea additive. This is notably true in   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Korea"  Korea . As well, the
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