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НазваАндрій Шевченко (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Андрій Шевченко


Andriy Shevchenko (Ukrainian: Андрій Миколайович Шевченко, Andriy

Mykolayovych Shevchenko, nicknamed "Sheva", born September 29, 1976,

Dvirkivschyna, Kiev Oblast) is a in Ukrainian football player who is a

striker for A.C. Milan and the Ukrainian national team.


hevchenko started off his career with Ukrainian side Dynamo Kyiv, with

whom he won five league titles and two national cups in five seasons

between 1994 and 1999. He has won one Serie A title, one UEFA Champions

League, one European Super Cup, one Italian Cup and one Italian League

Super Cup with Milan till now.


He was named the European Footballer of the Year in 2004.


Shevchenko has represented Ukraine in 63 matches and scored 28

international goals.


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1 Early life and Dynamo Kyiv career


2 AC Milan


3 International goals


4 Personal


5 Awards and honours


6 External links


Early life and Dynamo Kyiv career


Andriy was nine when the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred in April

1986. His village, not far from Chernobyl, was also affected by the

disaster, and his family was one amongst the thousands who had to

abandon their homes and relocate to the coast to escape the

after-effects. Later the same year, Andriy failed a dribbling test for

entrance to a specialist sports school in Kyiv, as he had a mutated

foot. But he happened to catch the sight of a Dynamo Kyiv scout while

playing in a youth tournament, and was thus brought to the club. He was

extremely successful in the youth system at the club, honing his skills

in their junior teams. In 1990, Andriy, playing for the Dynamo Kyiv

Under-14 team in the Ian Rush Cup in Wales, top scored in the

tournament, and was awarded a pair of Rush's boots as prize by the

Liverpool player himself.


In 1993-94, Andriy top-scored for Dynamo-2 with twelve goals, and made

an appearance in the first team list for Dynamo Kyiv for next season.

Andriy's debut in the league for Dynamo came under manager Yozef Szabo

on 28 October 1994, in Donetsk, Dynamo defeating the home team Shakhtar

Donetsk 3-1. He scored his first league goal in the 4-2 home win against

Dnipro on December 1, 1994. Though that was the only goal that

Shevchenko scored in the league that season, he scored another in two

matches played in the UEFA Champions League, and also earned his

national team call-up. His first cap for Ukraine was earned at the age

of 19 years and 177 days, in a 0-4 loss to Croatia on 25 March, 1995 at

Zagreb. Shevchenko's exceptional ability to convert scoring chances into

goals was fully displayed next season, when he scored 16 goals in just

31 matches, taking Dynamo to their second successive league victory. He

also scored his first international goal in May 1996, in a friendly

against Turkey, at Samsun. Shevchenko won the league again next season

with Dynamo, scoring 6 goals in 20 games. The next two seasons, 1997-98

and 1998-99, were abundantly productive for Shevchenko. The highlight of

his 1997-98 season was his first-half hat-trick against FC Barcelona in

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