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НазваMichael Faraday (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Michael  Faraday

Michael Faraday (  HYPERLINK
"" \o "September 22"  September
22 ,   HYPERLINK "" \o "1791"  1791  – 
 HYPERLINK "" \o "August 25" 
August 25 ,   HYPERLINK "" \o "1867" 
1867 ) was a   HYPERLINK ""
\o "United Kingdom"  British    HYPERLINK
"" \o "Scientist"  scientist  (a  
HYPERLINK "" \o "Physicist" 
physicist  and   HYPERLINK "" \o
"Chemist"  chemist ) who contributed significantly to the fields of  
"Electromagnetism"  electromagnetism  and   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Electrochemistry" 
electrochemistry . He also invented the earliest form of the device that
was to become the   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Bunsen burner"  Bunsen
burner , which is used almost universally in science laboratories as a
convenient source of heat.

Michael Faraday was one of the great scientists in history. Some
historians of science refer to him as the greatest experimentalist in
the history of science. It was largely due to his efforts that  
HYPERLINK "" \o "Electricity" 
electricity  became viable for use in technology. The   HYPERLINK
"" \o "SI"  SI  unit of   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Capacitance"  capacitance
, the   HYPERLINK "" \o "Farad"  farad
 (symbol F) is named after him.

Early career

Michael Faraday was born in   HYPERLINK
"" \o
"Newington, London, England"  Newington Butts , near present-day  
"Elephant and Castle"  Elephant and Castle ,   HYPERLINK
"" \o "London"  London . His family
was poor (his father, James Faraday, was a blacksmith) and he had to
educate himself. At fourteen he became apprenticed to bookbinder and
seller   HYPERLINK
"" \o
"George Riebau"  George Riebau  and, during his seven year
apprenticeship, read many books, developing an interest in science and
specifically electricity.

At the age of twenty Faraday attended lectures by the eminent scientist
Sir   HYPERLINK "" \o "Humphry
Davy"  Humphry Davy , president of the   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Royal Society"  Royal
Society , and   HYPERLINK "" \o
"John Tatum"  John Tatum , founder of the   HYPERLINK
tion=edit" \o "City Philosophical Society"  City Philosophical Society .
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