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НазваVerb: the category of aspect (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Реферат з англійської мови

Verb:  the  category  of  aspect


It  is  but  natural  that  the  verb  should  take  up  so  much,  or 
indeed,  more  space  than  all  the  other  parts  of  speech  we  have
 so  far  considered,  put  together.  It  is  the  only  part  of 
speech  in  present – day  English  that  has  a  morphological  system 
based  on  a  series  of  categories.  It  is  the  only  part  of 
speech  that  has  analytical  forms,  and  again  the  only  one  that 
has  forms  (the  infinitive,  the  gerund  and  the  participle)  which
 occupy  a  peculiar   position  in  its  system  and  do  not  share 
some  of  the  characteristic  features  of  the  part  of  speech  as 
a  whole.

	In analysing  the  morphological  structure  of  the  English  verb  it
 is essential  to  distinguish  between  the  morphological  categories 
of  the  verb  as  such,  and  the  syntactic  features  of  the 
sentence  (or    clause)  in  which  a  form  of  the  verb  may  happen
 to  be  used.  This  applies  especially  to  the  category  of  voice 
and,  to  a  certain  extent,  to  the  categories  of  aspect  and 
tense  as  well.

	The  order  in  which  we  shall  consider  the  categories   of  the 
verb  may  to  a  certain  extent  be  arbitrary.   However,  we  should
 bear  in  mind  that  certain  categories  are  most  closely  linked 
together  than  others.  Thus,  it  stands  to  reason  that  the 
categories  of  aspect  and  tense  are  linked  more  closely  than 
either  of  them  is  with  the  category  of  voice.  It  is  also 
plain  that  there  is  a  close  connection  between  the  categories 
of  the  tense  and  mood.  These  relations  will  have  to  be  borne 
in  mind  as  we  start  to  analyse  the  categories  of  the  verb.

	One  last  preliminary  remark  may be necessary  here.  It  is  always
 tempting,  but  it  may  prove  dangerous,  to  approach  the 
morphological  system  of  the  verb in  one  language  from  the  point
 of  view  of  another  language,  for  example,  the  student’s  
mother  tongue,  or   a  widely  known  language  such  as  Latin.  Of 
course   the  system  of  each  language  should  be  analysed  on  its 
own,  and  only  after  this  has  been  done  should  to  compare  it 
with   another.  Anyway  the  assessment  of  the  system  of  a  given 
language ought  not  to  be  influenced  by  the   student’s  knowledge 
of  another  language.  Neglect  of this  principle  has  often  brought
 about  differences  in  the  treatment  of  the  same  language, 
depending  on  the  student’s  mother  tongue.  

	We  will  begin  the  analysis  of  each  verbal  category  by 
examining  two  forms or  two  sets  of  forms v differing  from  each 
other  according  to  that  category  only.


	The  category  of  Aspect  is a  linguistic  representation  of  the 
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