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НазваMorphological Analysis (C.S. Lewis “The Chronicles of Narnia”) (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Morphological Analysis (C.S. Lewis “The Chronicles of Narnia”)





Shift, Puzzle, skin, lion, burial, lions, ideas, head, Puzzle, Shift,

skin, coat, Donkey, Beasts, Shift, way, Apes, Great Lion, Aslan, ass,

lion-skin, Puzzle, Shift, ass, things, sort, things, Puzzle, Pool, turn,

way, Puzzle, Shift, river, Chippingford, oranges, bananas, Shift,

Puzzle, Ape, thing, day, Chippingford, Puzzle, Shift, paws, tree,

branch, time, house, needle, thread, pair, scissors, Ape, Dwarfs, ball,

thread, stuff, cord, thread, mouth, cheek, bit, toffee, needle, lips,

scissors, paw, tree, lion-skin, work. 74 14,7%




Same, we, it, I, you, who, you, you, your, you, your, we, this, you, I,

I, that, it, I, other, that, I, what, you, himself, I, it, himself, me,

you, that, you, you, you, me, your, I, you, you, me, I, you, I, I,

everything, I, you, some, I, that, I, you, I, you, it, me, my, it,

something, I, you, I, anything, you, it, that, I, you, what, you, they,

any, I, you, you, something, you, it, he, he, he, his, he, himself, his,

he, he, him, he, it, his, his, he, he, his, his, he, he. 98 19,4%




Said, belonged, ought, give, mean, are, know, do, see, do, start,

getting, said, know, thinking, is, will, make, do, think, would, like,

said, would, look, mean, might, think, is, say, should, feel, are,

talking, said, scratching, do, do, think, would, be, went, dressed, do,

said, stand, arguing, please, said, does, know, know, are, thinking, do,

let, do, thinking, do, treat, treat, do, think, can, do, know, are, am,

is, let, go, knew, would, do, can, have, comes, can, do, can, am, be,

allowed, do, do, be, turn, turn, put said, tell, said, would, take,

trot, see, have, am, tired, pleaded, are, said, want, warm, trot, would,

be, is, said, would, go, was, went, shambling, reached, swung,

chatering, grinning, went, found, was, had, taught, sew, put, was,

bulged, were, sucking, held, took, came, got, shambled, squatted. 135





All, dumb, wild, decent, all, strong, fine, warm, winter, wrong,

respectful, like, like, good, better, better, fair, better, good, brisk,

tired, cold, wet, brisk, market, alone, own, all, little, big, clever,

thick, like, big, left. 35 6,9%




Even, only, rather, well, rather, solemn, about, up, now, about, why,

why, as, why, why, when, never, about, well, of course, down, as, far,

as, so, very, up, just, besides, up, today, then, as, of course, soon,

as, sometimes, then, sometimes, there, how, more, so, that, out, as,

then, down, across, down, so. 51 10,1%




Two, four. 2 0,4%




To, to, of, into, into, for, to, to, to, in, of, at, for, at, than,

into, but, to, to, to, but, but, to, at, along, on, on, tiff, from, to,

into, of, for, to, of, than, into, of, between, in, to, to. 43 8,5%




If, because, because, if, as, and, and, if, and, if, and, and, and, and,

and, and, and, and, and, if, and, and, and. 24 4,8%




Not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not. 14

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