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НазваTeenage pregnancy (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Teenage pregnancy


Anxious statistics of teenage pregnancy.

Pregnancy from the physiological point of view.

Teenage motherhood in America.

Sociologist Frank Furstenberg’s teenage theory.

Last year in  the UK 36,540 unmarried teenage girls between the  ages of
15 and 19 had а baby.

In  the USA nearly one million teenage American girls become  pregnant 
each year.

Britain has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in Europe.

The teenage pregnancy rate in Britain is twice that of Germany and four
times that of France.

4 out of 10 teenage girls in the world become pregnant before they are

Why do so  many teens end up in this situation? They must know the

Teens in the USA in particular  are constantly warned of the risks of 
getting  pregnant. Sex education starts as early as 3rd grade, messages
to say no to sex appear on TV, stories of young girls getting pregnant
are constantly  in teen magazines. However,the truth  is most teens
believe it won’t   happen to them.

Don’t teens realise  that if  they get pregnant they might ruin their

In general teens who are the most ambitious are more  careful. Teens 
who lack self-esteem, or have fewer definite plans are less cautious.
Some  girls  are either too embarrassed to buy birth control items  or
believe  that they will just ‘say no’ to sex. President George W Bush
wants to get rid of safe-sex classes in order to teach abstinence.

What is life like for teen mothers?

Most teen girls are delighted when they first realise  they are
pregnant-they  are given gifts and  look forward to having а baby.
However  the reality is often а terrible shock even  when the girl’s 
parents help. Most can’t cope with looking after а baby and schoolwork 
and drop out of school. In most cases the teen mother needs а job to pay
for the baby, she has to find somewhere to look after the baby while is
workihg  or studying. Due to these problems, most teen mothers do not
find good jobs.

What is life like for  their children?

Life can be very hard. Many grow up in poverty or  are neglected because
the mother is too young to care for them   properly. In the majority of
cases the children do not do well at school because their mother has no
time to encourage them or because she did not have a  chance to do well
in school, she cannot help them with schoolwork.

What about the children’s dads?

In most cases the father does not help financially or emotionally. If he
is young too he can’t help very much because he has the same problems as
the mother. In the past, the couple would get married  but evidence
showed because the couple were so young, it didn’t work.

What help is evailable for teen parents and their kids?

Teen mothers are given some welfare money to help them survive. Around
the USA and parts of Britain, there are some schools that have а special
childcare centre for  the teen mothers. The centre looks after the
babies while their mothers are in class. They also teach the mother how
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