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НазваBiography for Steve Martin (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Biography for Steve Martin

Birth name 

Stephen Glenn Martin 


6' (1.83 m) 

Mini biography 

Comic who successfully made the transition from a zany stand-up act to
ridiculous film comedies to dramatic film roles to leading man status.

IMDb mini-biography by 

  HYPERLINK ""  Ray Hamel  


Trade mark 

Wearing "arrow through head" prop

White Hair.


Is an accomplished banjo player and appears playing the instrument in  
HYPERLINK ""  Earl Scruggs  and Friends
video for "Foggy Mountain Breakdown", for which he won a Grammy for Best
Country Instrumental Performance. This makes him rare in that he has won
Grammies for both comedy and music.

  HYPERLINK ""  Stanley Kubrick  liked
his work in   HYPERLINK ""  The Jerk 
(1979) and once considered having him play Bill Harford in   HYPERLINK
""  Eyes Wide Shut  (1999); the role
which later went to   HYPERLINK ""  Tom
Cruise .

Dated   HYPERLINK ""  Anne Heche .

Is a trustee of the Los Angeles Museum of Art, and collects the art of  
HYPERLINK ""  Georgia O'Keeffe , Richard
Diebenkorn,   HYPERLINK ""  Willem de
Kooning , Franz Kline, Cy Twombly,   HYPERLINK
""  Helen Frankenthaler , Edward Hopper, 
 HYPERLINK ""  David Hockney ,  
HYPERLINK ""  Roy Lichtenstein , and  
HYPERLINK ""  Pablo Picasso .

Born at 5:54am-CWT

He is in the horn section of   HYPERLINK
""  B.B. King 's "In The Midnight Hour"
music video.

Studied philosophy at California State University at Long Beach, and for
a while, considered becoming a philosophy professor instead of an

Once had a job at Disneyland in the Magic Shop on Main Street, USA. He
also worked for neighboring amusement park Knott's Berry Farm as a
comedian in their "Birdcage Theatre". It was during these jobs that he
honed his skills in live performance, such as improv comedy, banjo
playing, juggling, and lassoing.

Dated   HYPERLINK ""  Bernadette Peters 
and   HYPERLINK ""  Helena Bonham Carter

Graduated from Rancho Alamitos High School in 1963. He attended Garden
Grove High School in the beginning of his high school career, but then
Rancho opened. At that point he lived in the attendance area that went
to Racho and had to start going there. He was also a cheerleader at
Rancho and often did his King Tut dance.

Member of   HYPERLINK ""  "Saturday
Night Live"  (1975)'s "Five Timers Club" by hosting 13 times (the most
one person has ever hosted).

Contrary to popular belief, Martin was never a cast member on  
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