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НазваMy Favourite Singer -Eminem (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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My Favourite Singer -Eminem


Eminem is unknown

The Slim Shady

Grammy Awords


I like rap and Eminem is most popular in this kind of music. He sings
for young people. We like he because singer songs about his way to
popular life few things about his life.

Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on Oct. 17, 1972, in Kansas City, MO. 

Spends childhood moving back and forth between Kansas City and Metro

Attends Lincoln High School in Warren 1986-89. 

Hustles self-made cassettes of his work to places like Record Time in

Girlfriend (now wife) Kimberly gives birth to daughter Haile Jade on
Dec. 25, 1995. 

Works at Gilbert's Lodge (a family restaurant) in St. Clair Shores from

Full-length debut, Infinite, comes out in 1996. 

The Slim Shady EP is released in 1998. 

Later that year, Dr. Dre signs Eminem to his Aftermath label after
hearing the rapper 

freestyling on a Los Angeles radio station. 

The Slim Shady LP is released on Feb. 23, 1999 and hits No. 2 on the
Billboard charts within 


The Slim Shady LP was 3 times platnium. 

Eminem has now put out his second full length cd, entitle The Marshall
Mathers Lp. 

A Few Facts 

Eminem's zodiac sign is Libra 

Eminem listens to almost all hip hop, and some of his favorite artists
are Tupac, Redman, the 

Beastie Boys, and many other rappers. He doesn't listen to many other
genres besides hip hop, 

but he does also like No Doubt and Alanis Morrissette 

He is said to be a perfectionist and very sarcastic. He's also really

Eminem would someday like to pursue an acting career, and will
supposedly be in a hip hop 

horror movie called Friendz sometime in 2000 

A Biography from 

The average rapper wouldn't be able to grace the pages of Rap Pages,
VIBE, Rolling Stone, 

Spin, The Source, URB and Stress and go on a national tour months before
their major-label 

debut album is released. Then again, Eminem isn't an average rapper.
He's phenomenal. 

The impending release of the The Slim Shady LP, his first set on

Records, already has underground hip-hop heads fiending for Eminem.
Chock full of dazzling 

lyrical escapades that delve into the mind of a violently warped and
vulgar yet extremely 

talented wordsmith, the 14-cut collection contains some of the most
memorable and demented 

lyrics ever recorded. 

For Eminem, his potentially controversial and undoubtedly offensive
songs will strike a chord 

with a multitude of hip-hop loyalists who believe they have little to
lose and everything to 


"I'm not alone in feeling the way I feel," he says. "I believe that a
lot of people can relate to my 

 shit--whether white, black, it doesn't matter. Everybody has been
through some shit, whether 

it's drastic or not so drastic. Everybody gets to the point of 'I don't
give a fuck.'" 

Those words are more than just a slogan for the Detroit resident. "I
Just Don't Give A Fuck" 

and "Brain Damage" are the two songs comprising Eminem's initial single
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