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НазваBiography for Jean Reno (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Biography for Jean Reno


Birth name


Don Juan Moreno y Jederique Jimenez




6' 3" (1.91 m)


Mini biography


Born in Casablanca, Morocco, to Spanish (Andalusian) parents who moved

to North Africa to escape the fascism of Francisco "El Caudillo" Franco,

Reno settled in France at 17. He began studying drama and has credits in

French television and theater as well as films. Reno is married to his

second wife with two children, and has two other children from his first

wife. He keeps homes in Paris and Los Angeles.


IMDb mini-biography by


HYPERLINK "" Anonymous




Nathalie Dyszkiewicz ( HYPERLINK ""

1996 - present) 2 children


Genevieve (? - ?) (divorced) 2 children






His parents were born in Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cadiz (Spain) and they

left Casablanca to go to France when Jean was 12 years old.


His mother died when he was an adolescent.


Lives in Paris with his two children and his girlfriend, a model.


Daughter born in Paris, France [28 June 1998]


Turned down the role of Agent Smith in the HYPERLINK

"" The Matrix (1999) to do HYPERLINK

"" Godzilla (1998)


He has twice played characters whose occupation of "cleaner" did not

involve a mop - psychotic Victor the Cleaner (Victor nettoyeur) in

HYPERLINK "" Nikita (1990), and the

calm assassin Leon in HYPERLINK ""

Leon (1994) (also known as The Professional).


He has two children from his first marriage to Genevieve: Sandra (b.

1978) and Mickael (b. 1980)


He met his second wife, model Nathalie, on the Champs Elysees (Paris

biggest avenue)


He has two children with Nathalie: Tom (b. 1996) and Serena (b. 1998)


He had a role in every play of stage director HYPERLINK

"" Didier Flamand from 1977 to 1981,

and then had the lead role in Flamand's first short movie HYPERLINK

"" Vis, La (1993).


Due to his tall, hulking frame, he most played villainous brutes early

on in his career. Thanks to his skills as an actor, he has broken away

from this stereotype and has played everything from romantic-comedy

leads to action heroes.


Plays Bezu Fache in HYPERLINK "" The

Da Vinci Code (2006). Before that film was made, HYPERLINK

"" Harvey Keitel played a similar role

in HYPERLINK "" National Treasure

(2004), which also deals with historical secrets being kept by ancient

societies, including the Knights Templar. Keitel also played The Cleaner

in HYPERLINK "" Point of No Return

(1993), which was a remake of HYPERLINK

"" Nikita (1990), in which Reno played

the Cleaner.


Has, due to his versatility as an actor, appeared in both Leon: The

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