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НазваUkrainian Holidays (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Ukrainian Holidays




The Ukrainians are just fond of celebrating holidays. They strictly

observe the traditions of Orthodox and Soviet holidays and readily

accept Western holidays like St. Valentine Day, Halloween, St. Patrick's

Day and so on. A great number of holidays can be divided into several

groups - public, religious and just holidays. Public holidays are marked

with red in the calendar for you not to forget to have a good rest. When

a holiday falls on a non-work day, Saturday or Sunday, the nearest

Friday or Monday is a day-off.




Jan 1 New Year's Day no doubt the main holiday of the year. According to the most

recent polls about 90% of the Ukrainians have called it their favorite

holiday, everybody impatiently waits for round the year. People decorate

the New Year Tree, cook festive dinners, buy presents, go to numerous

New Year's parties that are generously held not only at the end of

December but also in the first two weeks of January. There is a saying

that a person will spend the year the way he has welcomed it, so many do

their best to have fun on the New Year's Day. One usually spends this

day or, to be more precise, evening and night with his family or

friends. The local channels show loved-by-all Soviet films and a few

minutes before midnight, the annual festive address of the President to

his nation is broadcasted. This bright holiday is loved by people of

different ages, but it is especially dear to children. They believe that

Ded Moroz, or Santa Claus, comes this night and puts gifts under the

tree, of course if they haven't been naughty in the old year.




Jan 7 Orthodox Christmas



...Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar, which is 13 days behind the

Gregorian calendar, used in Europe and North America. Therefore the

Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on January 7, 13 days later than the

Catholic world. A very important religious holiday, Christmas wasn't

celebrated under the Soviets almost during the whole 20th century and

only at the end of 1990s it was resurrected. On January 6th, Christmas

Eve, many families gather for Sviata Vecheria (Holy Supper). The

twelve-course meal is dedicated to Christ's twelve apostles. The

traditional meals included are kutia (home-made bread with honey and red

poppies), borsch (beet soup), vushka (dumplings filled with onions and

mushrooms), a variety of fish, vareniki (dumplings filled with cabbage,

potatoes, or prunes), andholubtsi (stuffed cabbage). In the last few

years many forgotten traditions like Kolyadki (masked children going

door-to-door to receive candy in exchange for traditional songs and

jokes) have being reviving.



Jan 13 Old New Year's Day



...The strangest holiday of the Slavonic calendar. In fact, it is also

connected with the conservatism of Slavonic people. After the 1917

Revolution, Russia and Ukraine switched to the western calendar. Before

that time they have been 13 days behind the rest of the world. However,

even though the official calendar was switched, many people did not want

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