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НазваPsychosemantic analysis of political consciousness of Ukrainian citizens: from the Past until the Future. (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Psychosemantic analysis of political consciousness of Ukrainian

citizens: from the Past until the Future.


What we have had… Since 1994 Institute of Social and Political

Psychology (Ukraine) monitored political consciousness of the population

and surveyed main tendencies for development of political and

ideological views and attitudes of the Ukrainian citizens on the base of

original psychosemantic methodic. The methodic allows an explicit

analysis of the content of those psychological realities, which are

hiding behind the casual percentage.


On the base of the factual material, which we have got from annual

massive psychosemantic questionnaires (all-Ukraine random-sample, 2 000

persons), we built a model of a political-semantic space of a modern

Ukrainian society (see picture). Our main methodological technique is

evaluation by the respondents of their own agreement/disagreement with

the content of about thirty-forty statements according to main political

problems, taken from print mass media of different political directions.

The base of the model consists of two factors, which were singled out as

the result of quantitative analysis of factual material and stay for

years as main ones.


The content of the first factor consists of evaluations, which reflects

the respondents' attitude towards economical and political reforms (we

called it "Reformative/Anti-Reformative attitudes). The attitude towards

reforms points to an interesting peculiarity of mass consciousness of

post-totalitarian, exUSSR society. All economical and ideological

constructs merge into one - mainly ideological. So economical categories

are subordinated to the political preferences in the minds of our

people. For example, a person voting for reconstruction of the Soviet

symbolism will approve with the high percentage of probability

conservation of collective farms and disapprove private farming, and

vice versa.


HYPERLINK "D:\Petya\REFERATU\Referatu_na_sayti\2006\Пеетро вересень

2006\pict\grafvaseng.gif" Picture 1. Dynamic of Ukrainian citizens'

political consciousness in 1994-2002


The main problem in the factor's content is the attitude towards

collective farms (in all their forms) and private farming: these

statements are highly accentuated. So that is the main psychological and

ideological problem for mass political consciousness in Ukraine.


The second group of statements creates the factor we called

"Patriotic/pro-Russian attitudes". It's content reveals Ukraine-Russia

relations, West-East orientation and so on.


The central is linguistic problem: whether it be Ukrainian

monolinguality or Ukrainian-Russian bilinguality. And in this case we

can also observe an important social-psychological phenomenon. In casual

questionnaires when we are asking our respondents to choose important

problems, linguistic problems are rarely chosen: about 7-10% from both

sides. But actually these problems are far more important,

psychologically "itching", which are potentially dangerous and may shake

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