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НазваPhenomenon of \\\"Orange Revolution\\\": psychological reflections (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Phenomenon of "Orange Revolution": psychological reflections

"Break their nexus and hurl down the

 gyves" Book of Psalms 2:3 

Phenomenon of "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine has apparently become a key
event in modern history of the country: a unique and more importantly
peaceful shift of the purse-proud and contumelious authorities has
enabled the country to make a breakthrough from "independent to free
society" as President Yuschenko has recently said. Kaleidoscope of
revolutionary events has been widely discussed in the media and has not
yet escaped from the memory of the participants and spectators. However,
as the immediate emotions have passed by and without an attempt to
reconstruct the chronology of the events we will try to reevaluate the
issue of the Revolution through adding more psychological colors to the
socio-political canvas that has been already painted.

"Divided and United" - this popular title for the studies originally
dedicated to the Civil War in the US perfectly well describes the state
of affairs in pre and post-election Ukraine. "Divided nation" was the
first both domestic and foreign experts were starting from while
speaking about the Revolution (those who were glued to mass media during
these "17 instances of winter" apparently don't need any other arguments
of issue's vitality). The visitors of multiple web-sites, readers of
newspapers and magazines, yet, TV viewership must remember the
"orange-and-blue" map of Ukraine perfectly well. Millions of foreigners
who had been unaware of a geographical location of Ukraine prior to the
Revolution appeared now competent not only in the geography of the
country; moreover, they have learned where Kyiv, L'viv and Donet'sk are
located, made a deep insight into the history and culture of the nation
and the reasons of revolution! However, as the country is seemingly
"piecing up the quarrel" we will not dear to salt the wound and discuss
the problem of divided society (furthermore, these ideas have been paid
much attention in media before). And, so excuse me the former partisans
of the "blue camp" and "orangemen", the emphasis will be further made
rather on the nation united than divided!

Though the issue of "Orange Revolution" remains and obviously will
remain highly debated amidst domestic and foreign scholars, politicians
and common people for further decades, delighted attitudes and opinions
quite often dull "boring" scholar explanations of both the Revolution
and the reasons behind it. As a result, the implicit psychological
reasons often appear literally "behind the scene". In fact,
psychological aspects of "Orange Revolution" may be well exemplified
with the classic Shakespearian character of "the ghost of Hamlet's
father": also no one was questioning its importance the issue was paid
much less attention than it deserved. 

Traditional problem of psychology (and the Revolution didn't make an
exception here) is that it is more implicit and hidden from apprehension
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