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НазваMikhail Vrubel (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Mikhail Vrubel



Self-portrait,   HYPERLINK "" \o
"1885"  1885 

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel (  HYPERLINK
"" \o "Russian language" 
Russian : Михаил Александрович Врубель;  HYPERLINK
"" \o "March 17"  March 17 ,  
HYPERLINK "" \o "1856"  1856  -  
HYPERLINK "" \o "April 14"  April
14 ,   HYPERLINK "" \o "1910"  1910 ,
all   HYPERLINK "" \o "N.s."  n.s. ) is
usually regarded as the greatest   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Russia"  Russian  painter of
the   HYPERLINK "" \o "Art
Nouveau"  Art Nouveau  movement. In reality, he deliberately stood aloof
from contemporary art trends, so that the origin of his unusual manner
should be sought in the Late Byzantine and Early Renaissance painting.


  HYPERLINK "" \l "Early_life"  1 Early

  HYPERLINK "" \l "Controversial_fame"  2
Controversial fame  

  HYPERLINK "" \l "Decline"  3 Decline  

  HYPERLINK "" \l "Works"  4 Works  

  HYPERLINK "" \l "External_links"  5
External links  

Early life

Vrubel was born in the   HYPERLINK ""
\o "Omsk"  Omsk  city (  HYPERLINK
"" \o "Siberia"  Siberia ), in a
military lawyer's family and graduated from the Law Faculty of  
Petersburg University"  St Petersburg University  in 1880. Next year he
entered the   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Imperial
Academy of Arts"  Imperial Academy of Arts , where he studied under
direction of   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Pavel Tchistyakov" 
Pavel Tchistyakov . Even in his earliest works, he exhibited striking
talent for drawing and highly idiosyncratic outlook. Although he still
relished academic monumentality, he would later develop a penchant for
fragmentory composition and "unfinished touch".



Demon Seated in a Garden, 1890

In   HYPERLINK "" \o "1884"  1884 , he
was summoned to replace the lost 12th-century murals and mosaics in the
St Cyril church of   HYPERLINK "" \o
"Kiev"  Kiev  with the new ones. In order to execute this commission, he
went to   HYPERLINK "" \o "Venice" 
Venice  to study the medieval Christian art. It was here that, in the
words of an art historian, "his palette acquired new strong saturated
tones resembling the iridescent play of precious stones". Most of his
works painted in Venice have been lost, because the artist was more
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